How to Start a Flower Garden From Scratch: 7 Expert Tips

If you want to start a flower garden but don't know how, we have some wonderful advice. Gardening expert Melissa Strauss discusses how to overcome obstacles and create a colourful, vibrant flower garden in this article.  

Select a Sunny Location

Start your flower garden by choosing a location. There are ways to make choosing a garden spot easier for beginners. The most crucial factor in choosing a garden site is sun exposure and if it can support your desired garden.  

1. Test and Prepare the Soil

After choosing a spot, test the soil. Coastal soil is likely to contain sand or gravel. If your garden is in a former riverbed or floodplain, expect clay-heavy soil.   

2. Find Soil Composition  

Knowing your soil's composition will help you assess your garden bed's drainage and fertility. Most plants prefer fertile, loose, well-drained soil. Poor drainage causes root rot, while thick, compacted soil hinders root growth.   

3. Know Your Zone

USDA Climate Zones are determined by low yearly temperatures. Which perennials will survive your climate year-round depends on your zone. Ginger rhizomes will die in hardiness zone 5's cold winters, so don't plant it there.  

4. Select Flowers for Your Climate

Choose a location with six to eight hours of sunlight every day because most pollinator plants need it. The plants should be close to your produce garden so pollinators hop there, enhancing yield.  

5. Create a Design or Layout

There are as many garden styles as gardeners. Since your garden is yours, you don't have to follow them exactly. However, having a basic garden style idea may speed up the procedure. An accurate vision will also improve the final output.  

6. Stay On Top of Weeds

Gardening requires weeding, which is physically and time-consuming. Control weeds in your garden beds. You may want to use multiple approaches to weed management in your garden.  

7. Maintain Your Flower Garden

Starting seeds may require pinching. Denser growth and more blooms. Deadheading keeps flowers flowering all season once planted and thriving. For the biggest, best, and most abundant flower garden results, fertilise.   

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