Jess Vestal Might Be Dating A Different Love Is Blind Season 6 Contestant After Jimmy Split

Love Is Blind season 6 star After her turbulent Love Is Blind relationship with Jimmy Presnell, Jess Vestal may be seeing another alum. After meeting Jimmy on Love Is Blind, Jess's hopes of finding love fell apart. 

After Jess told Jimmy she was a single mother, their relationship deteriorated. She wanted Jimmy to get to know her first, but he was put off by her secrecy and broke things up.

Jessica alluded at a new relationship with another Love Is Blind alum on Nick Viall's Viall Files podcast, but she didn't reveal it. Not sure [who]. On Love Is Blind season 6, Jess replied, "I'm still trying to figure things out," when Nick asked if she liked anybody else. 

"I had another strong connection..."The cast may provide context, but I'm not naming names.” Something about Jess's interest was unknown.Answering Nick's pressing questions, Jess teased another love interest without naming names.

Jess favours a “super specific type” of person when asked about her appearance. "Extremely tall - at least 6'2 because most of my exes are 6'4 [or] 6'5" , Is. Without a beard and sleeve tattoos, I could appreciate tall, dark, and attractive. 

Jess had strict male requirements, but she wanted to expand on Love Is Blind.Jess has been in the spotlight all season on Love Is Blind due to her highly anticipated entrance.

Jessica's relationship with Jimmy ended, but Love Is Blind season 6 has freed her to be herself. She has inspired people worldwide with her serial comments and speech.

Jess may have found more than love outside pods. According to her Viall Files interview with Nick, Jess may be dating a programmate. Love Is Blind season 6 was challenging for Jess, but she wants positive memories.

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