Love Is Blind: Chelsea's Megan Fox Resemblance Corrupted The Experiment (But She's Not Wrong)

Even though the internet is furious about it, Chelsea from Love Is Blind does look a bit like Megan Fox. It's not her looks that are the problem; she messed up the trial.

Chelsea Blackwell, a Love Is Blind season 6 cast member, informed Jimmy Presnell that people compare her to Megan Fox, sparking internet outrage.

 Chelsea asked Jimmy if he had a celebrity twin on a pod date. The flight attendant stated customers said she resembles the actress.

Jimmy liked being with a lady who looked like the movie star and subsequently informed filmmakers Chelsea lied about her characteristics. Jimmy kneeled to propose at the end of episode six before and after seeing Chelsea. 

Chelsea looks like Fox, but comparing her to Fox ruined the sociological experiment. The internet has slammed the Love Is Blind season 6 star for comparing herself to Fox, but it's not about her looks.  

Chelsea Does Slightly Resemble Megan Fox 

Chelsea and Jimmy left the pods for a Punta Cana beach vacation after becoming engaged. It was hard. Jimmy got into trouble with his new fiance for calling Amber "AD" Desiree "absolutely stacked." 

Jimmy And Chelsea's Journey

The Love Is Blind season 6 producers heard Jimmy say Chelsea lied about her looks. Jimmy revealed in a recent episode, “She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked.”

Jimmy's Reaction To Chelsea's Look

The internet has humbled 31-year-old flight attendant and event planner Chelsea. Jimmy, 28, sells software and says he's ready to marry. Jimmy and Chelsea come to Love Is Blind season 6 to connect.

What We Know About Jimmy And Chelsea

Despite Love Is Blind season 6 stars' silence, Chelsea and Jimmy may be finished. Jimmy cannot verbally validate Chelsea in a relationship. Jimmy still wants Jess Vestal, thus their wedding is doubtful.

Are Chelsea And Jimmy Still Together?

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