"Just About Perfect": Stephen King Has Glowing Praise For New Sci-Fi Thriller Show

There is a new sci-fi psychological movie that Stephen King really likes. He talks about its strengths and gives the show his full support.

Stephen King discusses why Constellation is a terrific new psychological horror show for Apple TV+. This streaming site is known for being a hub for sci-fi aficionados, but its many sci-fi shows are less well known.

Silo was a 2023 hit dystopian mystery. Invasion and Foundation are other large ideas, but The large Door Prize is a more personal comedy that showcases the genre's best. However, severance blends magic with reality.

King, the famous author, has now backed the movie Constellation, which stars Noomi Rapace as an astronaut whose memories are missing for no clear reason.

Jo, an astronaut who comes back to Earth after something bad happens in space, is played by Rapace in the show. When Jo comes back, she finds that important parts of her life are gone. 

From there, the story goes on to be "an exploration of the dark edges of human psychology" and look at Jo's journey to find the truth and get back everything she's lost.

Rapace starred in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Alien prequels. Constellation stars Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul), James D'Arcy (Agent Carter, Oppenheimer), Julian Looman (Emily in Paris), 

Doctor Who creator Peter Harness collaborated with William Catlett (The Devil You Know), Barbara Sukowa (Voyager), and Rosie and Davina Coleman, 

who play Alice for the first time It is directed by Oscar nominees Joseph Cedar (Footnote), Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad), and Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall).

When considering King's praise, note that the thriller's first two parts are radically different. Constellation's opening resembles Apollo 13 and other space movies, according to reviews.

Episodes build to a greater tale, but the space-themed initial episode doesn't necessarily reveal its direction. King shows early support, which is a solid first impression.

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