Kelly Oubre Addresses Philly Boobirds After Sixers Loss vs. Pelicans


During the Philadelphia 76ers' game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Wells Fargo Centre boobirds were credited for providing motivation to Kelly Oubre and everyone else on the team.

Booing is a reputation that Philadelphia sports fans have come to embrace, and they do it when they feel that the performance of their teams is not satisfactory to watch. 

The booing can be good for players who use it as inspiration, but it can be annoying for players who don't play for a team like the Philadelphia 76ers all the time.

First-year Sixer Kelly Oubre faced a furious Philadelphia crowd on Friday night against the New Orleans Pelicans. In the first half, the Sixers laboured on both sides of the court, threatening a blowout. 

At halftime, the Sixers trailed 63-34. They made only two of 20 three-pointers and shot 28% from the field. Pelicans shot over 50% from the field and made half their threes. 

The Wells Fargo Centre crowd couldn't help but boo the home team, even though the Sixers were down by as many as 35 points in the first half.

Listen dude, I was pretty adamant, I haven’t been booed here yet', Sixers veteran Kelly Oubre stated after the game. However, after hearing it in the first half, the veteran believes the players united and became hungry to win back their crowd.

He said, “It was just like, if we don't pick it up, they'll boo us out of the gym, maybe the city. “Honestly, it was just a straightforward message, and not even me, everybody felt it.”

After halftime, the Sixers led the Pelicans by six. Holding New Orleans to 30% shooting in the third quarter trimmed the deficit to 23 before the fourth. Sixers made Pelicans uncomfortable, but the score seemed out of reach.

The next thing that Oubre said was, "We had to come out and fight." At the very least, we should put up a fight in order to give ourselves the greatest possible shot of perhaps coming back. 

They scored 15 more points than the Pelicans in the fourth quarter and got within two plays of winning late in the game. In the end, though, they fell short.

Oubre said, "Tonight would have been a whole different story if we had played like we did in the second half in the first half to start the game."

Because they were missing key players like Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, Nic Batum, and more, the Sixers were in a big hole going into Friday's game. But the work of the team that was short-staffed was not up to par. 

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