Kevin Ollie has given context behind why Mikal Bridges is still playing heavy minutes despite his slump


Mikal Bridges played 43 minutes against the Detroit Pistons, which is more than most players. However, he did not have the stats that would be expected from that amount of time. Plus, he only scored 13 points and passed the ball seven times.  

Mikal is having a bad game right now, but coach Kevin Ollie is giving him a lot of playing time. Because Cameron Thomas isn't playing, the other team's best defence always has to watch out for him.   

However, Ollie stated that Mikal made an explicit desire to continue playing a significant amount of minutes.  

"A break is good for everyone, but our schedule doesn't allow us to take one." "He told me, 'I need to play, I want to play,'" Ollie told the press after the game.  

"I have faith in him, and so does our team." He will get through this; it's making him better. I know this because we keep having faith in him and putting him in the right situations.  

Mikal has been a member of the Nets for the past year, and he has shown that he is capable of exceeding expectations.   

Bridges went from being a three-and-D guy in Phoenix to becoming a player who was on the verge of being an All-Star and who could thrive in a role that required him to be the go-to person.  

Even though he's been great, everyone in the NBA has seen that. So, defences turned their attention to Bridges. This could happen to any player, making things harder.  

Because they work well with Bridges, Cam Thomas and Nic Claxton are very important to the Nets. Because of this, defences will leave Mikal some room to stop Thomas from going alone or a pick-and-roll with Claxton.   

The rest of the Nets team needs to continue to show their support for Bridges since he is playing an excessive amount of minutes, which is causing him to suffer.  

Mikal averages 15.6 points, 4.3 assists, and 4 assists in his last ten games. He shoots 37.3% from the field and 29.1% from distance, which is poor.  

A player of Mikal's calibre will emerge from this slump in the not too distant future. Bridges shown that he is a reliable player, despite the fact that every NBA player goes through difficult times.   

Therefore, in order to raise his output to a higher level and assist the Nets in winning more games, he requires additional time and support. 

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