Magic PG Cole Anthony: 'The Hype Will Come'


Due to the fact that the Orlando Magic has surprised a great number of people throughout the course of this season, the team has not received as much exposure as it should have.  

DSJ was a “hunter” with vigour on both ends of the floor. Dennis led the team with his superb defence and vocal leadership as coach Kevin Ollie wanted more hunters.  

At the moment, the Orlando Magic are in the running for a playoff spot, which is something that a great many of people did not anticipate coming into this season.  

As a result of the fact that the squad already has a greater number of victories than it finished with in the previous season, it has not received as much respect from the media as it most likely deserves.   

During the postgame interview that took place following the Magic's most recent victory over the Charlotte Hornets, guard Cole Anthony discussed the fact that the Magic were the underdog.  

Antony said, "It is what it is." "Finally, Paolo Banchero is known for what he does; he was an All-Star, which he deserved very much." A few people are slowly beginning to understand.   

There are some great teams in this league, and we're working hard to join them. I believe we're making good progress. "The buzz will come, we just need to keep doing what we need to do."  

In the Eastern Conference, the Magic are now tied for fourth place with the New York Knicks. This is due to the fact that they have won four games in a row.   

As a result of the fact that the team is gradually climbing higher in the standings, an increasing number of individuals will start declaring that the Magic are a potential danger.  

In the event that the club is able to maintain its current level of performance and put together a strong effort during this final stretch of the regular season, then it may be in an excellent position to enter the playoffs with some momentum.  

The Washington Wizards will be the opponent for the Magic's return to play tonight, and they will be looking to win for the fifth consecutive game. At seven o'clock Eastern Time, the game will begin at Capital One Arena.  

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