Rhubarb Crumble Tart Recipe

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This is a recipe for a juicy rhubarb tart that has been warmed up with vanilla bean and topped with a buttery oatmeal crumble.  


FILLING – 2 heaping cups thinly sliced rhubarb Note: if your rhubarb is thick, slice the whole stalk lengthwise and then chop – 1/4 cup granulated sugar – 1 tsp vanilla bean paste – 1 Tbsp Instant Clearjel thickener, or substitute cornstarch CRUST AND CRUMBLE TOPPING – 1 cup unsalted butter (two sticks) at room temperature – 2/3 cup granulated sugar – 2 tsp vanilla bean paste, you can also use extract, or the seeds of a vanilla bean – 1/4 tsp salt – 2 cups all purpose flour – 3 Tbsp rolled oats, for the crumble topping

Preheat the oven to 350F. Prepare a 9-inch pie pan with a removable bottom. Mix rhubarb with other filling ingredients in a dish. Mix thoroughly and reserve.  

Step 1 


Cream the soft butter and sugar for 3–4 minutes, scraping down the bowl. Mix in vanilla paste and salt. 

Step 2

Butter should be room-temp. I left it overnight to bake. Carefully combine flour in low-speed mixer until no dry flour remains. Avoid overmixing.  

Step 3

2/3 of the dough on the tart pan bottom. I pat down dough crumbs on the bottom. Tap it with a metal measuring cup or floured fingers.   

Step 4

Make sure the dough is uniformly distributed. Just produce an even level sheet of dough, not up the pan sides. Refrigerate 10 minutes.

Step 5

Touch the remaining dough and rolled oats to make coarse crumbs. Cover bottom crust with rhubarb. Add crumbled dough evenly. Show some rhubarb.  

Step 6

Bake the tart pan on a baking sheet for 35 minutes in the preheated oven until pale brown. I foil the top for the second half of baking to prevent browning.  

Step 7

The tart pan should be pale brown after 35 minutes on a baking sheet in the preheated oven. I gently foil the top for the second half of baking to prevent browning.  

Step 8

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