Shadow Of The Erdtree May Solve A Huge Elden Ring Lore Mystery

Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree may solve a major gaming mystery. In typical FromSoft fashion, Elden Ring's lore is scarce. Its open world and George R.R. Martin collaboration distinguish it from Dark Souls.  

Shades of the Erdtree will reveal Lands Between god-queen Marika. DLC for Shadow of the Erdtree takes place in the Land of Shadow, “where the goddess Marika first set foot,” according to Bandai Namco's website.   

As expected, Marika is from outside the Lands Between, where most of Elden Ring takes place. The Numen's Rune flavor text says they're immigrants who “come from the same stock as” Queen Marika.Marika the Eternal's birthplace may be on Shadow of the Erdtree's map.  

This may expose the queen's demigod ancestors, who struggle over the Lands Between and cause most Elden Ring conflict.  

Like Elden Ring legend, this promo is intentionally vague. Did “where Queen Marika first set foot” mean she was the first to visit or reside in Shadow?  

Despite her appearance, Marika may be essential in Shadow of the Erdtree.DLC: Discover the Numen's connection to Elden Ring's underground Eternal Cities. It is strongly implied that Nokron Numen women killed Godwyn and caused the Shattering before Elden Ring.  

The relationship between these concepts is unclear. The Lands Between, not Shadow, holds Nokron. Though not their homeland, the Eternal City is Numen-linked.  

Did they build or settle there in large numbers? Nox rules the Eternal Cities. Was Numen friendly or a problem?  

Eternal Cities may appear in Shadow of the Erdtree. Miquella's cocoon at Mohgwyn Palace near Nokron will be the DLC's entrance.  

What other worlds exist if the Numen came from the Land of Shadow, the character creation option's "other world"? Elden Ring often mentions remote places. The Lands of Reeds, Badlands, and Shadow produce Samurai, Godfrey, and Numen.  

These appear to be continents separated by tough mountains or oceans. However, what if parallel worlds replace continents?  

Even though it seems implausible, the Numen flavor language verifies these other worlds in the tale. Elden Ring's cosmology raises several problems.   

Without Miquella, how do humans cross worlds? Does Greater Will impact them? Did Grace or Shattering effect them?  

Each parallel universe deserves a DLC with almost unlimited lore. Though Shadow of the Erdtree mentions them, gamers must wait for the first Elden Ring DLC.  

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