Sister Wives: 8 Signs Robyn Brown Doesn't Love Kody Anymore (Is She Using Him For Fame & Money?)

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives suggests she may no longer love Kody Brown. Polygamist 45-year-old loved her husband. She happily joined Kody's family and his three previous wives, Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown, for multiple marriages.

Robyn started her dream life with kids and family. Her closeness to Kody made the other women resentful and excluded. A never-ending family conflict and drama ensued.

Christine Brown leaving the multiple marriage in 2021 fulfilled Robyn's worst dream. Christine's choice made Meri Brown and Janelle think about their future. Three wives quit in the last two years to focus on themselves. 

Janelle enjoyed her van life and travelling more, Christine married David Woolley, and Meri cherished her time with friends and family. Robyn spent more time alone with Kody. Her actions after Sister Wives season 18 indicate she no longer loves Kody.

Kody and Robyn remain married. She often criticises him, suggesting she no longer loves him. Kody is “rewriting history” by revealing his former wives and poly marriages, Robyn said in November 2023.

Robyn understands Kody is upset over his breakups, but she's disappointed that she feels he's lying to modify the story.Robyn only married Kody because of the plural marriage. 

She earlier said she might have been monogamous but chose the polygamous patriarch. Robyn felt sad when Christine, Janelle, and Meri left Kody. She acknowledged to being “angry” a few months ago. 

Robyn seems unhappy about her new monogamy with Kody. She appears broken because her husband couldn't manage his previous relationships. Despite being with Kody, the mother of five may love him less.

Since they're monogamous, Kody has hinted that his relationship with Robyn has changed. Kody often showed his love for his younger wife, and she did the same. 

Some Sister Wives watchers were thrilled for the two when they became monogamous since they seemed like an ideal couple despite polygamy. Sorry, Kody and Robyn are much worse now. 

Monogamy may have harmed their marriage as they grouse.Robyn doubted Kody in 2023. She demanded equal Coyote Pass land. If she knew she'd be with Kody forever, Robyn wouldn't have demanded this.

Kody's uncontrolled behaviour over the past three years has disappointed Robyn and scared her. She claimed in December 2023 that her husband tried to destroy their marriage after his separation with Christine, Meri, and Janelle. 

She answered, “he tries. I must stop him constantly,” saying he's no longer the man who wanted a big family. Kody admits he now wants more chaos. In Sister Wives season 18, he wanted to break up with Robyn.

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