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After suffering a defeat at the hands of the Sacramento Kings by a score of 131-129 on Thursday night, the San Antonio Spurs have been officially eliminated from possibility of making the postseason.  

The Spurs are 20.5 games behind the No. 10 West seed with 19 games left.SPURS, ROCKETS BATTLE MAR 5 The San Antonio Spurs' dislike of the Houston Rockets was evident in the third quarter of Tuesday's game.  

You may take a look at the battle that took place between Jeremy Sochan and Amen Thompson in the following video.  

Sochan fell after trying to grab a rebound, tripping Thompson. After the two got rough, the coaches and referees broke up the brawl.  

Pacers sign Kendall Brown on March 3 An Indiana Pacers player will have additional job security before facing the San Antonio Spurs.Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that second-year pro Kendall Brown is signing a three-year Pacers contract.  

When Brown was first signed, he was on a two-way contract; however, he is now included on the standard 15-man roster.The game between the Spurs and the Pacers is scheduled to begin at six o'clock Central Time.  

Barlow signs deal on March 1 San Antonio Spurs made a similar tactic when Marcus Morris was sold.Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that the Spurs are standardising Dominick Barlow's two-way contract.  

Barlow (20) averages 4.6 points per game this season. Spurs can now add a two-way player. Shams Charania of The Athletic reports that the team is signing Jamaree Bouyea.  

Morris sold on March 1. The San Antonio Spurs have released Marcus Morris.The organisation announced that it agreed a buyout with Morris, who the team acquired via trade on Feb. 9.  

Morris can now join a contender and play in the playoffs.Feb. 29: Atlanta Hawks waive Patty Mills. The 35-year-old guard averaged 2.7 points in 19 Hawks games.  

In his 10 years in San Antonio, Mills won the NBA Finals and became an important part of the city. The Spurs will be rumoured to bring him back now that he is about to become a free agent.   

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Kerr has inked a contract extension worth $35 million over the course of two years, which will keep him in the league until the 2025-26 season.  

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