The Chicago Bulls wish they could have acquired this versatile forward at the trade deadline


The Chicago Bulls' front office has shown over the last three seasons that they want to keep things the same so that they can stay competitive for as long as possible.   

But if the team suddenly changes its mind this offseason, they might look at this trade plan from Zach LaVine of Bleacher Report again. It would get them a versatile forward from the Atlanta Hawks who wants to play in a different league.  

The Bulls do not have a consistent and reliable "3-and-D" player that could complement the play of DeMar DeRozan and Coby White, despite the fact that they have several outstanding scorers and playmakers on their roster.   

Within the context of this trade proposal, the Hawks would receive Patrick Williams, Jevon Carter, and Dalen Terry from Chicago in exchange for De'Andre Hunter.  

Chicago needs a three-and-D forward, and Hunter fits. His four-year, $90 million deal seems like an overpay, but the Bulls might get a serviceable starter without giving up a top asset, Buckley said.  

The fact that Hunter has only played in 37 games this season is due to the fact that he has been plagued by ailments. In a game that lasts 28 minutes, he records an average of 15.4 points, 3.8 rebounds, and a shooting percentage of 48 percent.  

Nevertheless, the emergence of Jalen Johnson, a rookie forward who is a candidate for Most Improved Player, this season casts a significant shadow over Hunter's future with the Hawks.  

There are clear signs that Williams, the Bulls' fourth-round pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, may not be the best fit at the four spot, even though some may say the team already has him.   

Williams has shown promise, but he is still raw and inconsistent, dealing with his shot and decision-making.  

When Chicago picked Williams fourth in 2020, there was hope he would qualify, but his numbers have stalled and his injuries have deteriorated. After foot surgery, he's out for the season and has restricted free agency, Buckley said.  

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