The Crow Remake Is Already Changing A Big Part Of The 1990s Movie's Story

People have different reactions to the first pictures of the version of "The Crow." Another part of the change could make people even less likely to agree with each other.  

One of the Crow remake's most important aspects is at risk. A vicious gang kills musician Eric Draven and his fiancée Shelly, but a mysterious crow revives them in The Crow, based on James O'Barr's 1989 comic book.   

Although set photos show Bill Skarsgård as Eric/The Crow and FKA Twigs as Shelly, little is known about the movie's cast, story, or authenticity to the source material.  

The Crow remake's unconventional aesthetic direction exposes a unique tone and atmosphere, despite initial criticism. The reboot appears to be modifying one important part of the original film, which would change the story.  

Despite controversy, the Crow reboot's story twist has intriguing ramifications for the next superhero film.The Crow reboot may explore Eric and Shelly's pre-murder relationship. The revelation is huge, unlike the first film's flashbacks of Eric and Shelly's life.   

While subduing Eric and Shelly's relationship in 1994 enhanced the film's dark dreamlike tone and loss themes, highlighting it in the remake can benefit storytelling.Crow remake director Rupert Sanders told Vanity Fair,  

"What drew me to this was the opportunity to make a dark romance, something that dealt with loss, grief, and the eternal veil between life and death and reaching through that."  

Sanders calls the remake a "dark romance." suggesting a substantial plot alteration. Brandon Lee's pulpy, gothic noir superhero revenge flick The Crow had supernatural overtones despite Eric and Shelly's brief romance.  

This suggests FKA Twigs may have more screen time and a more developed Shelly than in the original, but other actors' roles are uncertain.Its stunning pictures, dark characters, and unique superhero genre established The Crow a cult classic, as did Eric Draven's mystery.   

The first film only shows he was an underground musician and lived with Shelly. Every aspect of the supernatural vigilante is presented after Eric Draven, making him one of the most endearing, mysterious antiheroes.  

If Eric is as happy with Shelly in the remake as he was in the original, disclosing too much of his backstory may not work. Given his ruthlessness toward those who killed him and Shelly, humanizing The Crow may be tough. Eric feels like a natural force fighting evil, which makes The Crow work.  

Making the character human instead than magical is risky yet feasible.The Crow remake may help viewers relate to Eric and Shelly by providing extra background. The original Eric and Shelly were sympathetic, but non-comic book readers may not have grasped their sorrow beyond murder.  

The Crow may stand out by delivering fully developed characters who express their love via actions rather than words.Sanders' Ghost in the Shell adaptation failed, but his daring decision to expand Eric and Shelly's romance beyond boy meets girl can redeem him.  

Skarsgård's leadership and experience may lend sensitivity to Eric, complementing his pre-Crow role. The Crow may use more romance since FKA Twigs portrays women differently.  

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