Udonis Haslem On Paul Pierce Beef: "I'm Gonna Leave That Alone Before I Hurt You"


Udonis Haslem, a legend of the Miami Heat, has stated that he is attempting to move on from the issues he has with Paul Pierce before things become too hot.  

For many years, Udonis Haslem, a hero of the Miami Heat, and Paul Pierce, a former NBA star, have been at odds with each other.   

Haslem said not long ago that he's ready to move on from the fight before it gets worse. As part of an episode of his podcast The OG with former partner Mike Miller, Haslem talked about Pierce again.   

"My daddy didn't raise no punk and I don't play no games," Haslem stated. "I agree with everything you said." The thing I'm going to do is separate myself from that problem. "That's not how I play."   

Since the beginning of the 2010 season, Haslem has been having problems with Pierce, and he has refused to even utter his name since he is so disappointed with the situation.   

The statement was made by Haslem in reference to Pierce. "I'm going to spare you because I know you ain't like that," he stated.   

Pierce said the 2010s Boston Celtics-Heat rivalry wasn't as strong as Haslem indicated, starting this latest chapter.  Pierce also criticized the Heat's Haslem jersey retirement this season.   

From what I can tell, Haslem would rather this "feud" end before it gets any worse. Right now, it's most likely best for everyone to forget about this.   

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