What Happens After The Fall Of Reach In Halo

Things that happen after the Fall of Reach and Master Chief's future are very different in the new show than they were in the games.

Halo season 2's Fall of Reach aftermath differs. After the Covenant attacked and glassed the UNSC fortress planet, the Human-Covenant War is concluding as both sides search for the first Halo ring. 

However, the games' post-reach events diverge from the Paramount show. Halo season 2, episode 4 shows the Covenant on Reach before the public knew. 

In order to avert panic, Fleet High Command suppressed the invasion's impending arrival. Halo's core canon says this killed many and devastated Reach. Halo season 2, episode 5 ("Aleria") shows Reach's aftermath.

In Halo season 2, episode 5, Soren's wife Laera and Kwan-Ha piloted his ship after Vannak-134 died in the Fall of Reach and John-117 was paralysed by a plasma gun. 

Multiple human spacecraft escaped before the Covenant glassed the planet, saving John-117, Riz-028, Soren, and Doctor Catherine Halsey.

Laera and Soren hunt for their son on Aleria as Halsey treats Riz's wounds. Instead of burying Vannak, his body is burned.

The Covenant's Blessed One Makee and the Arbiter Var' Gatanai, who seeks forgiveness through John-117's death, control Cortana, an advanced AI. 

Madee and the Arbiter use his data to defy the Covenant's Hierarchs and uncover the first Halo ring after convincing Cortana that usefulness was better than termination. 

 John-117 discovering the first ring is Halsey's priority over avenging ONI and UNSC High Command.Kai-125's fate is revealed on Onyx, the secret UNSC world, with ONI's Colonel James Ackerson.

She appears to be Ackerson's right-hand woman after teaching his Spartan-III troops. Reach's aftermath differs greatly from the games and novels' primary narrative.

Games and literature diverge greatly after The Fall of Reach. John-117 and the UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn use Cortana coordinates to leap from Reach's death to the first Halo ring after examining a Forerunner relic. 

 In Halo: Combat Evolved, the Covenant is close behind, causing turmoil on Installation-04, the first Halo ring. Admiral Keyes, who survived Reach, leads.

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