Witches Brew Recipe 

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Ready to make some spooky fun this season? Prepare your slow cooker! Slow Cooker Halloween Hot Chocolate—Witches Brew—is being made!  


– 4 cups heavy cream – 1/2 cup white chocolate powder – 4 cups whole milk – 14 ounces sweetened condensed milk – 12 ounces white chocolate baking bar finely chopped – 1 & 1/2 tablespoons vanilla extract – Green Food Coloring – Yellow Food Coloring


It is recommended that half of the heavy cream be added to the slow cooker. The powdered white chocolate should be mixed in with a whisk until it is thoroughly absorbed into the mixture. 

Step 1

Continue stirring until all of the remaining cream, milk, sweetened condensed milk, chopped chocolate, and vanilla extract have been mixed into the mixture.  

Step 2

The chocolate should be melted and thoroughly mixed by leaving it on low for two to three hours and stirring it approximately every twenty minutes.  

Step 3

This will ensure that the chocolate is entirely melted and blended. Make sure to keep the dish on the warm setting for up to three hours so that it can be served appropriately.  

Step 4

In the event that the hot chocolate becomes excessively thick while it is sitting, you can include additional milk in it and continue to stir it until it achieves the desired consistency.  

Step 5

It is recommended that you keep adding the food coloring until you finally achieve the desired color. 

Step 6

It is important to make sure that it is served with any toppings you choose, whether it be marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, or even fake spiders!  

Step 7


-Calories: 623kcal -Carbohydrates: 45g -Protein: 10g -Fat: 46g -Saturated Fat: 29g -Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g -Monounsaturated Fat: 12g -Cholesterol: 118mg -Sodium: 127mg -Potassium: 425mg -Fiber: 0.1g -Sugar: 46g -Vitamin A: 1397IU -Vitamin C: 2mg -Calcium: 318mg -Iron: 0.2mg

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