Young Sheldon Season 7 Vindicates Georgie From His Absurd Missy Claim

Georgie seemed to embellish his ridiculous accusation regarding Missy, but Young Sheldon season 7, episode 3 vindicates the Cooper oldest.

Georgie's ludicrous Missy story is validated in Young Sheldon season 7. Mary cares for Sheldon in Germany, while the boy genius' siblings deal with their lives at home. 

While not as clever as Sheldon, Georgie and Missy have their own strengths. They may have better storylines than their sibling, especially in the latter few seasons of The Big Bang Theory prequel. 

However, they make one of Young Sheldon's best duos, with their adventures always enjoyable, interesting, and sometimes heartfelt.

Unfortunately, Young Sheldon hasn't fully capitalised on Georgie and Missy's pair appeal, but season 7's early episodes made up for it. 

They had more conversations, including an unexpected heart-to-heart, after moving back in together. Georgie fretted about supporting Mandy and Baby Cece, while Missy felt exhausted from running the household. 

Watching George and Mary become responsible was fun, but it raised issues about her brother's ethics in The Big Bang Theory. Luckily, the prequel confirms his rightness.

In Young Sheldon season 7, episode 3, "A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy," Missy steals like a teen. George is too busy writing to his wife and caring for Baby Cece to see Missy getting dressed and departing. 

She tells her dad she's hanging out with Taylor to make him think she's a girl. Missy lied to escape by saying Taylor is gay when he isn't.

After a year of disobedience, Missy briefly appeared to be committed to behave in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale. In The Big Bang Theory, Georgie branded her a "dumb teenager"—this contradicted that. 

When Missy makes bad mistakes again, young Sheldon proves the Coopers' oldest child was right. Georgie struggled following George's death since he cared for Mary and Missy.

A new romance for Missy may seem innocent. Her choice will be regretted after knowing what's coming for the Coopers. She lied openly to her parents, but George's death in Young Sheldon season 7 may change things. 

When and how is unknown, but the Cooper patriarch will die before The Big Bang Theory prequel ends. Young Sheldon's brief season suggests it's coming soon.

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