A Forgotten 12-Year-Old Tom Hardy Flop Proves He Was Never Right For James Bond

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A Forgotten 12-Year-Old Tom Hardy Flop Proves He Was Never Right For James Bond: There is a forgotten failure that demonstrates that Tom Hardy is not the perfect actor for the part of James Bond after all, despite the fact that he was a front-runner for the next 007 in Bond 26.

  • Despite the fact that Tom Hardy would appear to be the ideal choice for the James Bond franchise, there is a film from the actor’s back catalog that has been forgotten, which demonstrates that this is not necessarily the case. According to the script, Tom Hardy is an excellent choice to play the character of James Bond.
  • The charming British actor has demonstrated his prowess in a variety of dramatic parts while also demonstrating his mettle as an action superstar on multiple occasions. The box office performance of his blockbuster franchises speaks for itself. In spite of the epidemic, Hardy’s Venom made $856 million, and its sequel, which is scheduled to be released in 2021, earned more than $500 million. Meanwhile, Mad Max: Fury Road impressed both critics and audiences.

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A Forgotten 12-Year-Old Tom Hardy Flop Proves He Was Never Right For James Bond

On the other hand, there is a reason why Hardy has not been selected to play the lead role in the future Bond 26 film. Some of the reasons for this include the fact that the actor is already a well-known figure who has been a member of the A-list for more than a decade, and the fact that the producers often give preference to applicants who are less obvious.

Hardy’s continuous engagement in both the Venom series and the Mad Max movies could potentially have an effect on his availability. In addition, Hardy has a full schedule, which includes the films Havoc and Venom 3, among other projects. Nevertheless, the true reason that Hardy has not been selected for the job is that he has previously assumed the role of a smart super-spy, and the role turned out to be an unexpectedly poor fit for him.

This indicates that Hardy’s bond credentials were undermined by the war.

This Means War, which was released in 2012 and was a box office failure that was detrimental to the careers of everyone involved, featured Hardy in the role of a CIA operative alongside Chris Pine. In addition to earning only $156 million on a budget of $65 million, director McG’s misguided romantic comedy received some of the worst reviews in Hardy’s career. This Means War was a failure.

Reese Witherspoon played the role of the most unfortunate protagonist in the romantic comedy This Means War, which tells the story of two secret agents who discover that they had been dating the same lady without realizing it. Hardy’s miscasting is especially remarkable because of his potential as James Bond, despite the fact that the movie was a huge failure.

It is quite evident that Hardy’s character Tuck is meant to be the appealing heart of This Means War, whilst Pine’s FDR is a swaggering charmer. Hardy, on the other hand, does not possess the wry charisma that is required for this 007-like figure, and his quips are not successful throughout the entirety of This Means War.

Despite the fact that Pine does not fare any better, Hardy’s inability to make the character work is symptomatic of the difficulties that Hardy would experience when playing Bond. Hardy was unable to grasp the campy appeal that is required for a super-spy like Bond, despite the fact that he is a seasoned actor who thrives in more challenging roles, as proven by everything from Bronson to Warrior to Legend. This Means War demonstrated that he would not be a good match for the role.

This Means War, a character played by Tom Hardy, demonstrates that he was never a good fit for the James Bond role.

By demonstrating that Hardy’s credibility in the spy genre was damaged by This Means War, the film demonstrated that the star was unable to recover a faulty entry in the genre with a great performance. It is telling that Hardy has not returned to the spy movie genre since the release of This Means War, despite the fact that he is not much worse than his co-stars.

This Means War was released so soon after Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which was released with great success. In spite of the fact that every actor’s interpretation of James Bond is unique, the actor who is selected to play Bond 26 must give priority to the lighter side of 007 after the gloomy era of Daniel Craig. Unfortunately, This Means War demonstrated that Hardy is not the appropriate choice to play the entertaining side of James Bond.

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