11 Differently Colored Strawberries To Plant This Year

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11 Differently Colored Strawberries To Plant This Year:- In the event that you simply cannot obtain enough of the delectable strawberries, you might be considering cultivating a strawberry plant and growing it yourself. The fact that cultivating strawberries in your own backyard garden is not at all challenging is something that you will be happy to learn.


11 Differently Colored Strawberries To Plant This Year

In point of fact, if you adhere to a few fundamental guidelines, it is not difficult to cultivate a strawberry plant that is capable of flourishing in either beds or containers.

The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to provide you with information regarding the Strawberry plant. It provides an explanation of some of the most popular types of strawberries that can be grown, as well as planting techniques that will ensure the health of your plants and ways that you may plant strawberries in raised beds or containers in areas that are limited in space.

11 Differently Colored Strawberries To Plant This Year


There is a little plant called a strawberry that looks like it came from a fairy tale. It has lush green leaves. There is something very beautiful about them, and the bright red fruit makes them even more appealing.

The round flowers on these plants come in a lot of different colors, such as white, yellow, red, and pink. As a general rule, strawberry plants are less than 12 inches tall, so they can be grown in both pots and beds.

Strawberry plants also have big, stringy shoots that grow from them. These are called “runners,” and they grow new plants by putting roots in the ground.

It might be very interesting to know that the officially correct fruit of the Strawberry plant is the set of tiny gold seeds that grow on top of the big, juicy grapes that we call strawberries. It’s called a “achenes” and these yellow seeds have little seeds inside them.

The Strawberry, which we all know and love, is now a “accessory fruit.”3 That being said, you and everyone else can still call the red flower base the real Strawberry fruit.

There are a lot of different species and varieties of strawberries, but they can be broken down into three groups: June-bearing, Everbearing, and Day-neutral.4,5

June birthing Everbearing strawberries give you fruit twice a year, while strawberries only give you fruit once a year. The Day-neutral or Woodland Strawberry plant is also becoming more common these days.

You can see Day-neutral Strawberries fruiting all through the growth season. You may also notice that Strawberry plants that bear fruit in June have bigger fruits and higher amounts than Strawberry plants that bear fruit all year or at different times of the year.

Now that you know this, it might be easier to remember that all types of strawberries belong to one of these groups. Again, though, if you want bigger fruits with more yields, you might want to pick a type of strawberry that blooms in June.

If your strawberry plants grow fruit in June, you may only get fruits once a year, but the quality is well worth the wait. When you eat a vegan diet, growing your own strawberries can help you cut down on your carbon footprint.6

After reading this, you can learn more about how to grow strawberry plants: how to plant and take care for 10 different kinds of strawberries, as well as how to grow them in beds and pots.


10 of the Most Popular Strawberry Plant Types

The Strawberry plant has more than 100 species and subspecies, which means that you have an extensive variety of plants to choose for your home garden.

To help you get started, here is an overview of 10 of the most popular types of Strawberry plants.


Growing Zone Information: Where To Plant Strawberries

You should learn about the right growing zones for strawberries before you choose whether to grow them in a bed or a pot. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) says these are the best places to grow based on its USDA grow Hardiness Zone Map.10

These zones are in the range of 1A to 13B. Each zone shows the area’s average lowest temperature in the winter each year.

This helps you figure out if the conditions where you live are right for growing your own Strawberry plant.

According to the USDA, the best places for a strawberry plant to grow are in zones 5 through 9.1; however, some types can do well in places outside of that range.

The ‘Flavorfest’ June-bearing Strawberry plant, for example, can grow in places that are in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4–7.11.

You may also find that some Day-neutral and June-bearing varieties can grow in colder places.12


Planting Tips: How To Grow Strawberries

After learning about the different types of Strawberry plants, you might be excited to learn about how to actually grow them.

The following information gives you an overview on taking care of your Strawberry plants for optimal results.



 What Does a Strawberry Plant Look Like: How To Identify

To learn more about the Strawberry plant, keep in mind that it is a forb, which means it is a flowering growing plant and not grass. It also doesn’t have any hard tissue.

In general, strawberry plants can be up to one foot long and one to two feet wide. The small green leaves on these plants have long, stringy shoots called runners that come out of them.

Also, keep in mind that strawberry blooms are usually white flowers, but they can also be pink, yellow, or burgundy. Strawberry fruit that is fully ripe is usually red and hard to the touch.


 When To Plant Strawberries for the Best Yield

Typically, the best time for you to plant Strawberries is early spring.

This holds true for June-bearing, everbearing, and day-neutral varieties alike.


What Type of Containers Do You Need?

If you are planting your Strawberry plant in a container, make sure that it is well-drained. Other than that, you can grow Strawberry plants in virtually any type of container ranging from pots to hanging baskets.

This applies to all varieties of Strawberry plants.


 Do You Have To Remove Runners To Grow Better Strawberries?

You can remember runners as the shoots of the Strawberry plant that take roots in nearby ground.

Many gardeners remove these runners to get better yields and improve the size of their Strawberries.


 Best Way To Grow: What Are the Best Growing Conditions for Strawberry Plant?

You can remember the best growing conditions for Strawberry plant with the following points.

  • Rich and loamy soil with organic matter
  • Well-drained soil
  • Soil pH between 5.5-6.8
  • Full sunlight
  • 1-2 inches of water a week


 What Are the Watering Needs for Strawberry Plants?

You should easily be able to figure out how much water Strawberry plants need. While they get established, your new strawberry plants may only need an inch of water every week.18

After that, you can change this a little to 1-2 inches of water per week.


 Spacing: How Far Apart To Plant Strawberries

As a general rule of thumb, you should keep a space of 1-2.5 feet between your Strawberry plants.

This equally applies to Strawberry plants that you grow in beds and containers.



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