Best Pour-over Coffee Maker 2024 – Barista-tested Results

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Best Pour-over Coffee Maker 2024 – Barista-tested Results:- Everyone has an opinion on the best pour-over coffee machine. Some choose trusted brands like Kalita, Chemex, and Hario. Other factors include filter type and drain hole count. One exists for every requirement. Your pour-over coffee machine should provide rich, lively, and smooth coffee even for beginners. I, a former barista, and a team of professionals evaluated and analyzed the best pour-overs and grinders to give each model a fair shot.

We wanted sturdy build quality, superior filtering, rich coffee flavours, and compatibility with a variety of filters (nobody wants to buy a specialist line every time). Our studies produced these six models, from single-serving to big carafes that can prepare cold brew.

If those don’t suit you, pour-over isn’t the only method to consume coffee. I’ve tested dozens of methods and coffee makers, including the best French presses, single-serve, drip, and espresso machines.

Best Pour-over Coffee Maker 2024 – Barista-tested Results


  • The stylish, reliable Kalita Wave pour-over coffee machine has been popular since the early 2000s. The design works well, therefore it hasn’t changed much. This pour-over brews slower but more evenly than most with three little holes in the bottom.
  • The Kalita Wave’s aesthetic alone makes it a winner. Pour-over coffee drinkers agree that a flat bottom makes a rich, aromatic cup every time.
  • Because three holes equally saturate coffee grounds, we prefer them to models with one. Pour with a gooseneck kettle like this one at QVC to follow a circular motion, according to wave fans.
  • This prevents over-extraction and bitterness, but pour slowly. The single-serve cup makes it simple to overhydrate or overwhelm your filter.
  • Other than Kalita’s paper products, most filters work perfectly. I recommend stainless steel coffee makers for the best results, but you must hand wash them.


  • A quick search for this Chemex pour-over will result in thousands of five star reviews. It’s by far the most popular brand for old-school brewing, and I agree it’s pretty great.
  • If you like a large cup of coffee as opposed to smaller servings, you will enjoy the Chemex’s 40oz capacity, though it also comes in three, six, and eight cup versions. It also makes by far the smoothest cup of coffee, as well as a cold brew that’s not to be contested.
  • If you think you need more than the right cup capacity, there are plenty of different sizes on the market. It’s a model for all households.
  • Obviously a good cup of coffee is the goal, but I can’t help but obsess over the design of this Chemex pour-over set. It’s so pretty and thoughtfully designed.
  • If you make too much, you can keep the whole carafe in the refrigerator for a refreshing iced coffee. It’s nice to hold, pour from, and simply just to look at.
  • It’s good to know that Chemex uses non-porous Borosilicate glass, claiming that this will not retain odors or chemicals from your coffee. Lots of people also love the textures of the wooden collar and leather tie, which only enhance the premium feel of this pour-over. If you want a coffee maker these materials are the signposts you need for a pour-over which will last for years.
  • There are a few reasons people might steer clear of the Chemex. Firstly, it’s a little time consuming, but that is the cost of most pour-over coffee makers. Similarly, the Chemex is really responsive to different filters, coffee types, and grind sizes, so you’ll have to pick and pour carefully if you want a consistent cup of coffee.
  • It’s actually worth emphasising the careful pouring: the filtration is slow, so you’d have to pour an eight cup quantity in in stages, which feels a little tedious. Finally, vegans may take issue with the leather strap.
Best Pour-over Coffee Maker 2024 – Barista-tested Results
Best Pour-over Coffee Maker 2024 – Barista-tested Results

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3. HARIO V60

  • We adore Hario V60. A simple, reliable coffee machine that makes superb coffee. Coffee connoisseur Courtney has taken her pour-over camping because she likes coffee even in the woods.
  • The Hario makes strong, large coffees with simple features. The cone shape makes it easy to layer coffee grounds, and the thick ceramic keeps your pour-over heated to maximize flavor.
  • With one drip hole, you may personalize your coffee taste by pouring swiftly for lighter flavors or slowly for richer ones. More experienced pour-over drinkers will love this adjustable brewing approach. However, beginners may find it harder to make a steady cup of coffee.
  • Ceramic scratches less but shatters more when hit hard. Similar to other pour-over makers, the Hario V60 uses proprietary filters. Despite the hassle, the filters are worth the wait and money.


  • Amazing value, this $20 Bodum is a pint-sized wonder maker that one expert has used for years without fail. With little effort, it makes great coffee. The built-in stainless steel filter eliminates filter shortages.
  • A stainless steel filter makes a more delicious cup than paper filters, which absorb coffee oils. Our specialists adore the Bodum in practice.
  • This has several thoughtful features. A heat-proof silicone handle snaps on and off the carafe, and a pouring spout makes it easy to fill your mug with coffee without grounds. After you’re done, the pour over is dishwasher safe, so no cleanup is required.
  • This is Bodum-style modest Danish design. It’s effortlessly gorgeous and straightforward. This is cheap, but the glass feels sturdy. Like many pour-overs on this list, dropping it too many times can crush the Bodum.
  • There’s one major catch. Our expert Courtney says the Bodum has a learning curve because the stainless-steel filter moves water faster than paper. A flavourful cup of coffee is made by gently and evenly pouring water over the coffee grounds.

5. Fellow Sttag [XF] Pour-Over Coffee Maker Set

  • A thoughtfully constructed Fellow has many features to make brewing easy and pleasurable. A ratio assist helps you produce the right brew, and a double-sealed vacuum wall keeps coffee hot.
  • The Stagg XF is easier to operate for beginners than the Hario V60’s cone-shaped brewer (which makes pouring difficult).
  • For one cup of coffee, use 20g ground beans and add water to the first dot. For two cups, 40g of grounds and water to the second dot works well. Our favorite is the double wall since it retains heat better.
  • This model comes with 30 filters, but you’ll need 45 additional for $18, plus shipping. The filters degrade quickly, so you can’t reuse them. Sometimes the spout drips due to its thickness and roundness. White kitchens require spill cleanup.


  • This porcelain pour-over is elegant and single-serve, making it a great present for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Since it looks like a normal coffee mug, the white porcelain should fit nicely with your collection. Though simple and cheap, it feels like a luxury five times the price.
  • Your coffee may brew faster with one huge drain hole than with others, so don’t add too much water at once or your water may ‘channel’ and some grinds will get over-extracted and bitter.
  • When compared to other models, the Melitta makes better pour-over coffee for beginners. It’s so easy to use that we wish we could make more than one cup.
  • Normally $15, this is great value. It’s one of our cheapest, yet it looks, feels, and brews like one of the most expensive. If you can afford it, Amazon’s Artisan Set includes a bamboo tray, filter paper holder, and airtight coffee grounds container.
  • Our experts loved how this looked on the countertop: it’s a simple way to create a small coffee station in your kitchen and organize filter paper.

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