Designers Swear These Living Room Layout Hacks Will Instantly Elevate Your Space, No Matter What The Size

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Designers Swear These Living Room Layout Hacks Will Instantly Elevate Your Space, No Matter What The Size:- Investment in your home improves your life and beautifies your surrounds. However, modest changes can make your place look more costly without costing anything. Rearranging your living space can make your home look elegant and designer-finished.

Knowing where to start might be intimidating because there are so many simple tweaks that can improve your living room layout. We asked interior designers for their top 12 layout tricks for constructing an expensive-looking living room to simplify the work. Here’s their statement.

Designers Swear These Living Room Layout Hacks Will Instantly Elevate Your Space, No Matter What The Size

8 Layout Tips to Improve Your Living Room

From arranging furniture to layering living room lighting, there are numerous ways to update the layout without buying new things! If you want a nice living space, designers suggest these.


  • Determine what furniture will look best in your living area to make it more luxurious. Avoid uncomfortable placements and proportions by evaluating the size and scale of your living space and envisioning how your furniture will fit.
  • “There is nothing worse than furniture that is too large, making a room cramped and “furniture heavy,” and too small, making it look like someone didn’t have the funds to properly furnish the space,” says Tyler Del Vento, founder and principal designer of TDV Design.
  • Make sure your furniture doesn’t overpower the room and distract from essential aspects. Large ceilings and lots of square footage can sometimes cause unusual arrangements with small furnishings. Getting the balance right will give you an expensive-looking, well-considered space.
  • Brittny Button, creator and principal designer of Los Angeles-based Button Atelier, says’scale counts’ even in outdoor living spaces. She adds ‘utilising the scale of items provides grandeur and visual equilibrium’ in any room.


  • Symmetrical designs balance visuals and add tranquilly and beauty to any area. Tyler believes ‘people tend to gravitate towards’ this design because it ‘can quickly elevate a room.’ For balance, she recommends two sofas facing each other in a living room.
  • ‘Design can make a room look luxurious and elegant regardless of budget… Marie Cloud, founder and principal designer of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio, says symmetrical groupings are formal and harmonious.
  • Marie suggests mirroring pairs of armchairs or side tables on either side of ‘a central feature’ like a fireplace or coffee table for a polished, premium impression.


  • Brittny suggests using little amounts of repetition throughout your space for a luxurious look. She used five chaises with umbrellas outdoors to ‘convey a luxury hotel impression and a repeated symmetry that’s calming to look at.’
  • However, the living room can readily repeat the repetitive design look. To add sophistication to repetition, use one colour or texture across the space and weave it into different areas of the design, or use two or three of the same objects for a recognised furniture pattern.


  • Divide your opulent open-plan living area into ‘separate zones,’ designed for certain activities, to maximise space. This will make your living area feel luxurious and custom-made. Keeping the colour scheme similar across ‘zones’ helps your space feel cohesive, according to Ewa.
  • A living room that doubles as a home office should have a rug-anchored lounge area with your sofa, armchairs, and coffee table, and a work-only nook for your workstation. For a private library vibe, add bookshelves or wall shelving near your desk.
Designers Swear These Living Room Layout Hacks Will Instantly Elevate Your Space, No Matter What The Size
Designers Swear These Living Room Layout Hacks Will Instantly Elevate Your Space, No Matter What The Size

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  • In keeping with last year’s ‘quiet luxury’ interiors trend, designers recommend decluttering and streamlining your living area to make it look more expensive. Brittny advises against overpopulating a living room for luxury.
  • Simplify space. A built-in bench under the window or hanging wicker chairs offer dedicated seating zones. Pairing natural wood colours with neutral whites is relaxing. Sometimes changing seating locations and employing lighting as sculpture makes the room more appealing, she explains.
  • Marie recommends ‘fewer and larger’ furniture and paintings to avoid cluttering a space. This makes the space grander and simpler.
  • Marie also feels a little goes far with accessories. Display only ‘fewer, more striking elements.’ Marie likes big mirrors, flowers, and’statement sculptures.’
  • Even if you’re not upgrading your living room, Lipsey + Co. principle designer and owner Shaunn Lipsey says decluttering is ‘one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods to make a room look more costly.’
  • Remove clutter and clean surfaces. She feels minimalism conveys richness and sophistication.


  • While mirroring and symmetry can improve a room, a judicious mix of unique, non-matching pieces can make a living room look rich.
  • “When looking to elevate your space, giving it a more expensive look, avoid purchasing all your pieces from one source, especially avoid matching your living room furniture,” says Eugenia Triandos, main designer of Montreal-based Hibou Design & Co.
  • Matching sets give a room a cohesive look with little effort, but individual pieces give it character. Only buy furniture that matches your design style and collect it over time. Ewa advises having your furniture the same hue to facilitate selection.
  • Try varied textures and hues to look chicer. Mix wood finishes, add a stone vase or sculpture, and soften with textiles. A velvet pillow, silky linen curtains, boucle chair, and soft wool rug are required. Enjoy it, she says.


  • Your home’s vertical space is often overlooked when arranging furniture and accessories.
  • There are many opulent design choices when you look up, whether you have spectacular skylights, a huge, high-ceilinged living room, or a lovely light fixture.
  • Marie proposes using this verticality to layout thoughtfully.
  • Use high shelving, long curtains, and artwork to pull attention up. This makes the room look grander, she explains.


  • Lighting can make or break your living area despite taking up little space. For a huge impact, interior designer and CEO Jessica Cinnamon Design recommends mirrors, large light fixtures, and specialty lighting.
  • Lighting has evolved, with beautiful wall sconces as art and ambient lighting combined with custom millwork and wall or ceiling treatments.
  • Marie says a ‘dramatic light fixture or sculptural floor lamp might act as a focal point’ and make a room look pricey. High-quality lighting can make a room more comfortable to use. Marie suggests layered living room lighting to enhance your space.
  • Add depth and warmth with ambient, task, and accent lighting. She says this layering gives any place a rich sense.
  • Eugenia believes custom window coverings let natural light in, enriching any space.
  • Buy premium window treatments and lighting! Eugenia says home lighting is like jewelry—visible at eye level, it enhances any design.
  • Shaunn recommends ‘well-designed window treatment’: pick curtains or drapes made of high-quality materials and hang them close to the ceiling and extend them beyond the window frame to create the appearance of height and width.

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