I Am Heartbroken: Cut Dune 2 Actor Responds To Being Removed From The Movie

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I Am Heartbroken : Cut Dune 2 Actor Responds To Being Removed From The MovieTim Blake Nelson responds to having his scenes cut in Dune: Part Two, describing himself as heartbroken but acknowledging he understands the decision.

Tim Blake Nelson responds to being cut from Dune: Part Two and expresses how heartbroken he is over the matter. The sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic recently arrived in theaters after being delayed by the Hollywood labor strikes.

It sees Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) siding with the Fremen as he attempts to get vengeance on those responsible for his father’s death. So far, the movie has received stellar reviews from critics and audiences, and is off to a strong start at the box office.

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I Am Heartbroken : Cut Dune 2 Actor Responds To Being Removed From The Movie

In an interview with MovieWeb, Nelson responded to having his scenes cut from the final version of Dune: Part Two. He explained that he was not at liberty to say what his role was but that he enjoyed shooting his scenes.

Unfortunately, the movie was too long, resulting in his scene being cut. Although Nelson was “heartbroken” by the cut, he acknowledges that there are no “hard feelings” and understands why the decision was made.

Who Was Tim Blake Nelson Supposed To Be In Dune: Part Two?

Although Nelson was confirmed to be in Dune: Part Two and filmed his scenes, his role was one of the few that was never officially disclosed. Despite Nelson remaining tight-lipped about the role, there is speculation that he was portraying Count Hasimir Fenring.

In the books, Fenring plays a more prominent role in Dune’s sequels as one of the closest friends and advisors of Emperor Shaddam IV (Christopher Walken). His fighting skills and closeness to the Emperor make him quite a powerful figure.

Fenring’s wife is Bene Gesserit Lady Margot Fenring, who actually does appear in Dune: Part Two, portrayed by Léa Seydoux. The movie depicts the Bene Gesserit breeding program but doesn’t include Fenring or his part in the program.

While it’s not confirmed that Nelson’s role was Fenring, the actor and character are absent from the film’s lineup. Additionally, if the director was pressed for time, it’s understandable Villeneuve may not have wanted to get into male roles in Bene Gesserit or explore Fenring’s relationship with the Emperor.

Nelson wasn’t the only character cut from Dune: Part Two. Villeneuve confirmed that Thufir Hawat (Stephen McKinley Henderson) was also removed from the final to focus on the sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit. Hence, both Henderson and Nelson may have been cut for the same reasons, as the director had to sacrifice some minor characters to maintain the focus on the sisterhood.

Henderson and Nelson both received special thanks in Dune: Part Two’s credits and Nelson’s statement assures viewers that there are no hard feelings and that the actors may still work with Villeneuve in the future.

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Could Tim Blake Nelson Be In Dune 3?

Before the premiere of Dune: Part Two, Villeneuve confirmed that there’s a script for Dune 3. The movie isn’t officially confirmed, but if it does become a reality, viewers may wonder if it would allow the sequel’s missing characters to return.

Villeneuve has not addressed Nelson’s absence, but he did admit removing Hawat was a very difficult choice for him to make. Meanwhile, with Nelson’s openness to working with the director in the future, perhaps the third installment could resolve the heartbreak on both sides.

Dune: Part Two does handle Fenring’s absence quite well. Since the movie focuses on the sisterhood, Margot’s husband is not mentioned. As a result, his role in the Bene Gesserit is almost absorbed into Margot’s role. The choice isn’t necessarily wrong either, as Margot is arguably a stronger and more interesting character.

In the books, the knowledge of Fenring’s power is arguably more important than his actual actions. Hence, without his friendship with the Emperor being developed in the sequel nor his role in the Bene Gesserit, it would likely be difficult to insert him into a third installment.

Bringing Henderson back as Hawat in Dune 3 may be easier than introducing Fenring since Henderson was in Dune, and his character already has an established background and introduction.

Still, since Hawat was supposed to have a more significant role in the sequel than the original, it may be difficult to pick up his story with those missing parts. Although it’s questionable whether Fenring or Hawat could appear in a sequel to Dune: Part Two, there’s always the possibility that Nelson and Henderson could portray new characters in the franchise.

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