“Not Our Nature To Give Up:” Don’t Doubt Cavaliers Heart

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“Not Our Nature To Give Up:” Don’t Doubt Cavaliers Heart: A deficit of 22 points in the fourth quarter, two starters sitting on the bench with injuries, and another player becoming hurt in the middle of the game are all factors that contributed to the situation. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their game against the Boston Celtics for a variety of reasons, and they ultimately decided to quit up.

These tenacious individuals, on the other hand, had a different concept. They utilized their struggles as a rallying cry and came back in the fourth quarter to earn a victory by one point. However, they were ultimately unsuccessful. Dean Wade served as the leader of all of this.

“It’s just not in our guys’ nature to give up,” remarked Bickerstaff after the victory is announced.

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“Not Our Nature To Give Up:” Don’t Doubt Cavaliers Heart

  • Naturally, there have been times when we have been in a position where we were lacking in personnel. We have been unsuccessful, and it appears that each and every time this occurs, somebody else finds a way to come through for us and assist us in achieving victory.
  • We won’t give up on our guys. At the point when the momentum began to get up, the audience began to pick up, and bullets began to fall.
  • One can get the impression that Bickerstaff’s statement that it is not in his nature to give up is a cliche or a throwaway sentence. On the other hand, he is being serious.
  • This can be seen in the manner in which each of them performs on the court during these crucial times, as well as in the manner in which they carry themselves when they are losing.
  • Although it is true that this come-from-behind victory stands out as the most recent illustration of Cleveland’s resiliency, this is something that has been a recurring theme throughout the entire season.
  • It is important to remember that Cleveland became one of the finest teams in the NBA after losing both Mobley and Darius Garland to extended periods of time from their respective teams.
“Not Our Nature To Give Up:” Don’t Doubt Cavaliers Heart
“Not Our Nature To Give Up:” Don’t Doubt Cavaliers Heart


However, the mentality has not changed despite the fact that a different faction is currently in power.

Similar circumstances are currently being experienced by Cleveland. It is anticipated that Donovan Mitchell will be absent for at least the next two games, there has been very little information provided regarding Max Strus, and Mobley’s availability will most certainly be in question as well.

In terms of the wit of the Xs and Os, opponents are free to challenge them as much as they like, but they should not question the effort and heart of the Cavaliers.”

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