Rainfall returns to northeast after blizzard slams northern California

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Rainfall returns to northeast after blizzard slams northern California:-The National Weather Service says that on Tuesday, a coastal storm will bring more rain to New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

East of the Mississippi River, it will rain more than usual on Tuesday, and there could be flash floods in cities along the central Gulf coast.

Rainfall returns to northeast after blizzard slams northern California

The weather service said that an area of low pressure that caused rain in the Mid-Atlantic on Monday night will bring heavy rain to the Northeast. On Wednesday, rain will come from another storm to the Southeast. By Wednesday night, it will be back in the Mid-Atlantic.

Around 1 to 2 inches of rain is likely to fall in these areas, and there may be flash floods in some places.

“The heaviest rainfall totals are expected from the central Gulf coast, across portions of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic where the two areas of low pressure are expected to move across,” the weather agency said.

The National Weather Service in Boston said that it would rain on Tuesday, but some parts of eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island might not see any rain until early afternoon.

Rainfall returns to northeast after blizzard slams northern California

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Heavy snows headed to northern California and Sierra Nevada

According to the forecast provided by the service, the northern part of California and the southwestern part of Oregon are predicted to have moderate to heavy quantities of precipitation on Tuesday and Wednesday. The area was pounded by a blizzard that brought with it winds comparable to hurricanes and several feet of snow.

It is expected that the region of low pressure that is responsible for the heavy rain and snow will move toward the coast of central and southern California. In anticipation of the weather conditions that are predicted to make travel challenging, winter storm warnings have been issued for several regions in northern California and southern Oregon.

“Travel could be very difficult to impossible,” the meteorological agency stated, adding that a winter storm warning will stay in effect until at least four o’clock on Tuesday during the local time zone. The dangerous weather may have an effect on the commute to work in the morning or in the evening. Strong winds have the potential to bring down tree branches.

The weather forecasters have predicted that the weather will become more calm later in the week.

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