The Best American Horror Story Episode From Each Of The Show’s 12 Seasons

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The Best American Horror Story Episode From Each Of The Show’s 12 Seasons: American Horror Story has had some tremendous highs in its 12 seasons, but some episodes stick out within each. Since 2012, the critically acclaimed horror anthology series by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy has received 16 Primetime Emmys. A shifting cast and a different principal story each season make the show unusual among horror series.

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The Best American Horror Story Episode From Each Of The Show’s 12 Seasons

American Horror Story’s concept allows each season to be watched alone, with little crossovers. As with any excellent show, there have been highs and lows, with some seasons being captivating and others lacking. Despite this, every season has had a spectacular episode that defined it and kept viewers coming back for more.

American Horror Story: Murder House Season 1, Episode 10: Smoldering Children

“Smoldering Children” is one of AHS’s first big twists. The episode reveals a lot about the Murder House’s ghosts and their violent tendencies as it bounces back and forth in time, exploring the house’s history and the connections of its residents. The huge surprise in the conclusion, when Violet tries to leave the house, reveals that she died several episodes earlier and has been stuck as a ghost ever since.

Episode 10: “The Name Game” from American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2.

AHS: Asylum was a thrilling season with abductions, secret serial killers, a mad house, aliens, and wicked possessions. The ninth episode, “The Name Game,” ties everything together. This episode had to bring all the story threads together with three episodes left in the season, but it did so with tremendous bravery and brilliance. Finishing with the unscrupulous Dr. Arden’s fiery death and Sister Mary Eunice’s release.

American Horror Story: Coven Season 3, Episode 1: “Bitchcraft”

AHS Season 3 starts strong, establishing a group of adolescent witches, their powers, and several interesting narrative lines that will be developed throughout the season. From Delphine LaLaurie, the cruel slave driver, to the contending teenage witches and hints to a new Supreme witch, this episode sets up Coven. Trauma forces the witches to become close, creating interesting interactions.

American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4, Episode 10: “Orphans”

“Orphans” is one of AHS’s most heartbreaking episodes, as a crook kills numerous characters. When Pepper’s husband, Salty, dies, Stanley (Denis O’Hare) proposes he arrange a proper cremation. However, he sells their head and other circus members’ bodies and limbs to a museum of curiosities. Pepper goes to Briarcliff and Mary Eunice appears in this episode, which crossovers with Asylum.

American Horror Story: Hotel Season 5, Episode 4: “Devil’s Night”

Hotel was one of AHS’s shakier seasons, requiring time to settle. Episode 4, “Devil’s Night,” introduced a bunch of deceased serial killers to the Hotel Cortez led by the mysterious James March, a highlight. After John Lowe, the season’s protagonist, is added to the guest list, the series explores murder mysteries and a thin veil between the living and the dead in the Hotel Cortez.

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“Chapter 6” American Horror Story: Roanoke Season 6, Episode 6

As Hotel struggled to find its foothold, Roanoke was the series’ weakest. Midway through the season, the recounting changes, and the original victims gather in the Roanoke mansion to record a special episode. After actors and their characters meet, everyone learns the truth about what’s happening in the woods around the house.

Episode 6: “Mid-Western Assassin” from American Horror Story: Cult Season 7.

Kai, the charismatic cult leader, and his faithful members weave many tales in Cult, making it one of the most unpredictable seasons. Episode 6 may give Ally the upper hand over the creepy stranger who seems to be plotting her death. The episode features multiple disclosures, but the ending with Meadow’s loyalty to Kai completely changes the story. Though gloomy and mind-bending, this season and episode are wonderfully fulfilling.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season 8, Episode 6: “Return To Murder House”

“Return to Murder House” is the show’s most connected episode in a season that seemed different from past stories. Madison from Coven interviews the Murder House spirits, taking a break from the apocalypse. The episode smoothly connects multiple seasons, revealing who created the catastrophe in this season and how the series may not be as detached as it looks.

American Horror Story: 1984 Season 9, Episode 9: “Final Girl”

1984 payed homage to 80s slasher movies with a Friday the 13th-like plot. The season’s finale offers a “happy” ending for young Bobby Richter, setting it distinct from the inspiration. Bobby receives weird checks after losing his mother decades earlier and visits Camp Redwood for answers. The episode shows the ghosts’ efforts to keep the camp’s hazardous beasts at bay, a fulfilling season finale.

Episode 5: “Gaslight” from American Horror Story: Double Feature Season 10.

Two storylines in each half of season 10 made Double Feature one of the worst AHS seasons. The first half showed promise, and the penultimate episode offered several huge reveals. The final part and second tale of the season tanked. Doris, who cannot endure the drugs like her husband and children, learns the truth in episode 5. After giving birth, she grows pallid like Provincetown’s residents and dies alone and inhumane.

American Horror Story: NYC Season 11, Episode 6: “The Body”

AHS: NYC told the story of danger, death, and sickness affecting young homosexual males in New York City. After multiple inexplicable incidents and accidents and the presence of dangerous persons in the town, “The Body” ultimately joins the main characters. The episode was suspenseful and hazardous, but it set up the confrontation that will solve the mystery in later episodes.

Episode 4: “Vanishing Twin” from American Horror Story: Delicate Season 12.

American Horror Story season 12 has just published five episodes, but a frontrunner has emerged. An disturbing tale of pregnancy, celebrity, and manipulation, Delicate. Anna Victoria Alcott seems to be out of control, but secret figures steer her. The drama rises in “Vanishing Twin,” when Anna discovers her kid is alive, horrible satanic delivery rites are exposed throughout history, and Anna unwillingly enters into one.

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