The Biggest 2024 Tile Trends Are Stripes, Textures, Inventive Patterns, And More

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The Biggest 2024 Tile Trends Are Stripes, Textures, Inventive Patterns, And More:- Tile trends may easily add charm to your most functional rooms like the living room and kitchen. There are various colors, patterns, finishes, and layouts that can improve a space without a major rebuild. This year’s trends are highly desirable and align with 2024’s design trends of character homes and embracing what you love.

Designers and industry experts share their top tile trends for the year. Color, pattern, novel layouts, strong textures, and conventional tile designs are all present.

“I anticipate a burst of creativity in tile design in 2024,” says designer Julie Anne Burch. Nature-inspired crisp hues create colorful and lively settings. Artisans will use organic materials to make tiles with unique forms and textures that bring dimension to any room. Expect unusual layouts and color combinations that intrigue and entertain.

The Biggest 2024 Tile Trends Are Stripes, Textures, Inventive Patterns, And More

The Biggest 2024 Tile Trends

  • Consider the tile material and finish, size, color, pattern, placement, and overall design look and impact when choosing tile ideas for your home.
  • Tiles may give texture, color, and pattern to walls, floors, counters, and other surfaces while providing protection.
  • These transformational tile trends for 2024 might help you choose from so many variations and stay current in tile design.


  • The originals are the most gorgeous, but several firms are making pretty new replicas and doing well.’
  • Rustic farmhouse kitchens are always popular, but this new (but very old) tile motif is being used.
  • Europe, notably the Netherlands, produces blue and white Delft tiles with bucolic scenes.
  • They are making a comeback in 2024, giving character and charm to any kitchen.
  • Original, vintage delft tiles are still created by manufacturers worldwide, making them easy to find.


  • Recent tile trends reveal that more of us are choosing tiles with irregular, shifting surfaces rather than clean and elegant ones. 2024 is about character-filled tiles and finishes, not glossy flat tiles.
  • Lots of wonderful tile styles evolve, combining old designs with new patterns and finishes. We use a lot of Terrazzo tile, which I adore for its durability and fun yet classy look, says designer Kati Curtis.
  • Concrete tiles allow us to customize spaces with brilliant hues and elaborate designs, making a striking statement. Moroccan tiles, with their rich colors and geometric patterns, provide warmth and worldly charm, inspiring wanderlust that I love, she says.


  • This year’s tile trends include layouts as well as tile. Tile layout designers are becoming imaginative.
  • ‘It doesn’t get much more classic than subway tile, but instead of the standard brick lay, put a modern spin by stacking the tiles, either vertically or horizontally,’ says Blythe Interiors founder and CEO Jennifer Verruto.
  • You can also choose a hand-molded look instead of a perfect rectangle to add artistic flair to your decor.
  • Stacking tiles are trendy, but they’ll look great for years. This sleek, elevated style is popular with our clients.
  • This year, tile schemes are more imaginative and fascinating, turning classic into fresh styles, according to Ca’ Pietra Head of Creative Grazzie Wilson. ‘Tile framing is another tile trend we’ll see when it comes to laying tiles,’ she says.
  • A more subtle but impactful technique to install tiles, tiles can showcase shower brassware or your bath. Choose tiles in the same color pallet as the room or use a bolder hue.
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  • In 2024, dopamine decor is huge. Tile trends for the year include bolder colors and patterns used by designers and homeowners.
  • James Sirett, Head of Product at Fired Earth, says demand for patterned tiles is rising, in keeping with the trend for creating characterful rooms that are fun to spend time in.
  • No longer do people worry that non-neutral walls and floors will dissuade purchasers when selling a home. People are embracing home’s capacity to make them happy and making bolder, brighter choices.


  • Stripes are popular in decoration. Not just wallpapers and fabrics, but tiles. They provide a bathroom a whimsical, lively, and elegant look.
  • Striped tiles will put your bathroom on top of the decor charts. You can also creatively layer stripes in a room. Lay them vertically and horizontally in the same space, and if you want to be creative, create a rug look with your striped tiles—think stripes on stripes!


  • Checkerboard has dominated fashion and interiors for years, and whether you like it or not, it’s back this year.
  • A checkerboard tile pattern may lend a graphic touch to a space, whether you choose black and white or colorful hues.
  • Checkerboard, previously part of classic design, is now a popular bathroom surface and tile trend. Barrie Cutchie, creative director of BC Designs, adds that stripes are also fashionable and can be contrasted for the best look.
  • Checkerboard is one of the most popular tile types, but there is so much variety in color, size, and material that you may create a unique design in your home.


  • Terracotta, an ancient earthenware tile used for thousands of years, will always be a popular tile trend.
  • Terracotta tiles are having a moment, says Ca’Pietra creative director Hamish Smith. Terracotta is a lifelong trend due to its baked clay tones that warm up any environment and earthy texture that balances gruff and elegant.
  • Hamish adds, ‘Terracotta’s patina is beautiful. The more you use and age it, the better and more characterful it will look. Install these tiles from the kitchen to an entryway, cloakroom, and dining area to create warmth.

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