Three takeaways from Indiana Pacers road win over Dallas Mavericks with 137 points

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Three takeaways from Indiana Pacers road win over Dallas Mavericks with 137 points:  On Tuesday night, the Indiana Pacers were able to get back on track by defeating the Dallas Mavericks and achieving a much-needed victory away from home. In the previous two games, the Pacers had lost two consecutive games that were not inspirational, and they did not appear to be themselves.

The way they played on Tuesday was quite similar to the team that everyone is familiar with. Over the course of the game, Indiana punished a Dallas defense that was weak by scoring 137 points and surpassing 30 points in each frame. During their run to triumph, they were able to shoot well from a distance and take good care of the ball.

“Offensively, obviously we got it going a little bit,” Pacers assistant coach Mike Weinar said during a halftime interview on the Bally Sports Indiana broadcast of the game. “We got it going a little bit.” Given that Indiana was leading by four at the moment, Weinar pointed out that the team needed to improve their defensive performance.

They were able to limit their opponents to just 18 points throughout the third period. On their way to their 35th victory, the Pacers maintained a lead of more than ten points throughout the remainder of the game. As a result of an unpleasant journey up to that point, they required it.

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Three takeaways from Indiana Pacers road win over Dallas Mavericks with 137 points

Despite the Mavericks’ best efforts, the blue and gold were able to maintain their lead and win the season series by a score of 17 points. Considering the fact that Indiana is now competing for a seeding in the Eastern Conference, this victory was a significant get-right victory.

Considering that the Pacers were able to get back on track in a significant way and score a great deal of points, the majority of the things that they learned from the game were on the offensive end. When they are able to score at that level, they are formidable opponents.

The Pacers bench was great, especially early in the fourth quarter

On Tuesday evening, the second unit of Indiana played exceptionally well. The five reserves who were in the playing rotation each scored at least ten points, and the team as a whole scored 69 points. In the meantime, the Mavericks bench only contributed 32 points to the scoreboard.

  • 14 points were scored by Benedict Mathurin in the first half of the game.
  • After a period of almost a month, Jalen Smith finally got his offensive game going and scored more than ten points for the first time.
  • Both Obi Toppin and Ben Sheppard turned out to be trustworthy, as they have frequently been in recent times. The show was directed by T.J. McConnell.
  • “They’ve been big for us,” Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton said about the second unit during an on-court postgame interview when the game was being carried on Bally Sports Indiana.
  • Haliburton was speaking about the second unit. Over the course of 6.5 minutes, the five-man lineup that included all five Indiana reserves had a plus-2 rating.

It is a blessing that they were able to play that long without any players on the floor. Early in the fourth quarter was the most important time for the bench. The other team only scored three points in 4:32 of play, but Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic were in the group across from them. The game was over when Indiana’s backups were able to keep up.

The Pacers’ starting center got them off to the right start. To keep up with the Mavs in the first 5:16 of the game, Turner scored 11 points. He finished with 20 points in the first half.

Three takeaways from Indiana Pacers road win over Dallas Mavericks with 137 points
Three takeaways from Indiana Pacers road win over Dallas Mavericks with 137 points


  • DFW scored 70 points in the first half, and Doncic already had 28. At his best, he can’t be stopped, and he dominated the first two quarters. Turner was still going fast, though. Indiana had already scored 74 points when the big man scored his own 20.
  • The offensive play that the blue and gold would play for the rest of the night was shaped by that. During the second half, they scored 63 points, while the Mavericks only managed to score 50 points. The success of Turner’s team can be attributed to his good start.
  • Making the game as easy as possible. During an interview that was shown on the Bally Sports Indiana broadcast, Pacers guard Bennedict Mathurin commented on his team’s performance in the first half of the game. “We are trying to make the right plays every single time,”
  • he stated. Turner played a significant role in that.This season, the veteran center has been able to exert his dominance over Dallas. In order to secure a victory, he repeated the action on Tuesday.

It’s not very important to win a game, but the Pacers really needed a result that made them feel good. They had lost their last two games, to the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Pelicans over the weekend. However, those losses were notable.

Their lowest score of the season over two games was 207 points, which they got in those two games. Both games, star guard Tyrese Haliburton had a hard time, and Indiana had trouble moving the ball. They turned away.

Tuesday, they played like themselves and easily won, which was good for the group’s mood. They played with joy and used a style that was easy to recognize.

The other person said, “Just figure out how we can have fun.” By a fair amount, he had his best game of the road trip and avoided a slump. “At last. I already said it wouldn’t rain forever. “The game evens out,” he said.

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