Where will Baker Mayfield land in free agency? Potential landing spots for QB

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Where will Baker Mayfield land in free agency? Potential landing spots for QB:-The year 2023 was a “prove-it” year for Baker Mayfield, who had previously been selected first overall. Following spells with the Los Angeles Rams and the Carolina Panthers, Mayfield was able to secure a one-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to the start of the previous season.

Where will Baker Mayfield land in free agency? Potential landing spots for QB

In addition to leading the Buccaneers to the NFC South crown, Mayfield also guided the Buccaneers to victory in a playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, who were the reigning NFC champions. Mayfield also established new records for yards and touchdowns during his career.

Expectations were low for Tampa Bay prior to the start of the season; hence, given the events that transpired, you would assume that the Buccaneers would be completely happy to have Mayfield return for another season. Given everything that Mayfield did in the previous year, it is unfortunate for them that he is a free agent and should be a highly sought-after commodity.

Despite the fact that Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles has stated that re-signing Baker is the team’s top priority, there are still a number of other clubs who might be interested in acquiring his services. This is the most plausible explanation.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The first team isn’t the most exciting, is it? Still, it’s clear that the Buccaneers have a lot of reasons to want to re-sign Mayfield. The Buccaneers might not have enough money to re-sign Mike Evans if they bring back Mayfield, but money doesn’t really exist in the NFL. The Buccaneers could bring both stars back to Florida if they wanted to. They would just have to make some changes to the team and cut some players. Over the Cap says they are No. 18 with more than $20 million in cap room.

On the other hand, Mayfield probably doesn’t want to move either, since he’s the only quarterback in NFL history to have had eight different head coaches in six years. It’s where he wants to stay, and he will be given the chance to not only start, but also fight for a playoff spot. He did that last season, so he knows he can do it again.

Where will Baker Mayfield land in free agency? Potential landing spots for QB

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Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are the favorites to get Bears quarterback Justin Fields this summer, but other teams are also after him. Fields might sign with another team, and if he does, we all know that the Falcons don’t want to keep Desmond Ridder on the team for another year.

Kyle Pitts’ first three years of work were a waste of time for Arthur Smith. He will only be under team control for two more years, or one if they don’t pick up his fifth-year option. The team needs to keep all of their highly-drafted attacking weapons for as long as possible. For the Falcons to be successful soon, they need to use their offensive ability. To get the ball, all the team needs is a quarterback.

It looks like Kirk Cousins is the Falcons’ top choice for quarterback. After all, Julie, Cousins’ wife, grew up in Georgia. It has already been said that Cousins is moving his family to Atlanta. Still, nothing is set in stone. Other news sources say the Falcons are still interested in Mayfield. While with the Rams, Mayfield got to know the team’s new head coach Raheem Morris and offensive coordinator Zac Robinson.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Along with the Falcons, the Steelers have the best chance of getting Bears quarterback Justin Fields. If cloning science doesn’t make a big step forward soon, though, only one of them will be able to protect him. It makes sense for them to be together, even though reports say otherwise.

Arthur Smith, who used to be the head coach of the Falcons, was hired by the Steelers as their offensive coordinator. Smith played against Mayfield twice last season. Buscs had the worst run game in the NFL last year, with 88.8 yards per game—the worst in the league. But he knows what Mayfield can do. The Steelers should be interested in Smith just because he knows how to build a run game. Should Mayfield be able to throw for 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns without a reliable backup, Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren could help him soar to great heights.

On the other hand, you could say that Mayfield had Nick Chubb in his backfield with the Browns in both 2019 and 2021, which were both bad years for Mayfield. No matter what, the Steelers can’t pick up one of the best players in the 2024 draft class at No. 20. The team might do well to sign Mayfield to a one-year deal and let McCarthy learn under him, even if someone like J.J. McCarthy fell to them.

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