10 Superhero Suits The Rebooted DC Universe Can Do Better Than The DCEU

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10 Superhero Suits The Rebooted DC Universe Can Do Better Than The DCEU:-The DCU relaunch will address various concerns, including superhero clothing.

The DCU outperforms the DCEU in superhero film adaptations, which always receive mixed reviews. His super costume has dominated discussions about the 2025 DCU leader. As expected, Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel outfit was lauded, drawing comparisons.

DCEU super costumes aren’t always approved. The DCEU stars’ outfits were met with mixed reviews. Despite the DCU giving these DC figures another opportunity at clothes, the DCEU did well. Returning heroes can dress better and become the best-dressed superheroes on cinema. Considering this, the DCU can improve these outfits most.

10 Superhero Suits The Rebooted DC Universe Can Do Better Than The DCEU


1. Unbelievable CGI Cyborg

Justice League (2017)

Cyborg’s Justice League appearance matched the film, but the CGI made the absurd design even worse. Real actors struggle to portray a body formed almost entirely of extraterrestrial machinery, but the DCU doesn’t need to be so tech-heavy. Instead, the new Cyborg may benefit from a toned-down suit with real effects like his early comic book appearances, when his cybernetic features were mostly limited to his limbs and head.

2. Aerodynamically Bad Flash Armor

The Flash (2023), Justice League (2017)

Flash’s patchwork armor is useless, making him and Cyborg the least looking Justice League members. In The Flash, his second super suit was better than Justice League’s body armor but had bad CGI, something the DCU should avoid. Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern set the bar for bad CGI suits, but DCEU didn’t learn. The DCU may learn.

3. Last Batman Suit Ruined Progress

From Flash 2023

Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received mixed reviews, many appreciated Ben Affleck’s early Batsuits. Batman’s career deteriorated until The Flash destroyed his image. Plastic padding and a mesh midsection supplanted his clean, modest look in early The Flash segments.

4. Diablo Could Look Scarier

From Suicide Squad (2016)

The first DCEU Suicide Squad film was criticized for outfit design. Still, El Diablo could have looked more spectacular than face tattoos and uninteresting clothes. For fear, one comic book El Diablo features more monochromatic skull makeup and flashing red eyes. The DCU can use a poncho and dual handguns to distinguish itself from the DCEU’s reviled version.

5. Crocs Can Look Wilder

From Suicide Squad (2016)

Killer Croc lacked clothes like El Diablo. Despite his outstanding character design, the DCEU squandered an opportunity to build a menacing superhero villain. Batman: Arkham capitalized on this, and the DCU might follow suit by replacing Killer Croc with a gigantic foe who can rip Batman in half with his jaws.

10 Superhero Suits The Rebooted DC Universe Can Do Better Than The DCEU

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6. The Puffy Suit of Shazam Was Too Cartoonish

From Shazam (2019)

Shazam and his family are DCEU characters whose costumes were good but might be better in the reboot. Captain Marvel’s first super costume was dazzling, but his bulges were hard to miss. Shazam! Fury of the Gods improved this but lost the vibrant colors that made the Shazam family sparkle in their premiere. The DCU may discover a good compromise for the group in future trips.

7. Birds of prey can look superheroic

As Seen In 2020 Birds Of Prey

Birds of Prey, a top DCEU film, has its detractors. This usually refers to the artistic decision to strip the heroes of their costumes and give them bland clothing. Given James Gunn’s comic-accurate track record, the DCU can fix this if the Birds of Prey return. Gunn’s response to fan feedback suggests he would have the Birds of Prey wear their super suits instead of a flashy attire.

8. Harley Quinn Can Enter Classic Territory

From Suicide Squad (2016)

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn looks were iconic, as shown by her popularity among cosplayers, but the character has changed several times since her 1992 Batman: The Animated Series debut as a Joker sidekick. If Margot Robbie leaves the DCU, replacing her will be difficult. However, Harley Quinn’s eclectic clothing offers the DCU a good chance.

The DCU may find it easier to cast a new Harley Quinn as one of her early forms. Harley Quinn’s animation and comic book appearances were more harlequin-like than her later styles, which may make for a memorable new character. Some fans dislike Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad clothes, but a daring new look could win over new followers.

9. Peacemakers Can Now Glow

Seen in Suicide Squad (2021)

Peacemaker’s costume in Suicide Squad and his own series is a faithful reproduction of the outrageous original and as ludicrous as expected. His live-action appearances were overseen by James Gunn, DC Studios’ Co-CEO and DCU’s future guru, so Gunn would improve his work. Gunn may want to revamp Peacemaker’s look as he matures in Season 2.

10. Robin’s Suit Can Be Brighter

Watch Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

The DCEU only showed Robin’s heroic costume, which was disappointing. Batman’s juvenile sidekick frequently appears as the Caped Crusader’s brilliant red, yellow, and green doppelganger. It’s as subdued as Batman’s heroic costume in the DCEU.

This is doubtful in the DCU, which will likely show Damian Wayne like in The Brave and the Bold. Since previous live-action Robin films have mistreated the Boy Wonder, the DCU has an open goal. Instead, the DCU can look to Robin of the Titans, which has Robin’s best live-action design.

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