Roger Moore’s Most Absurd James Bond Moment Was In Moonraker – But Had Nothing To Do With Space

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Roger Moore’s Most Absurd James Bond Moment Was In Moonraker – But Had Nothing To Do With Space: Moonraker is famous for sending Roger Moore’s James Bond into space; nonetheless, the most absurd and unbelievable aspect of the picture takes place on Earth. This is despite the fact that Moonraker is famous for accomplishing this.

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Roger Moore’s Most Absurd James Bond Moment Was In Moonraker – But Had Nothing To Do With Space

  • In spite of the fact that Moonraker is usually regarded as the James Bond film with the least amount of plausibility due to the fact that it takes 007 into space, the most absurd moment in the movie takes place a significant amount of time before it leaves the atmosphere of Earth.
  • It was during the end credits of the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” that the announcement was made that “James Bond will return in For Your Eyes Only.” An increase in the popularity of space movies can be attributed to the unexpected success of the blockbuster film Star Wars.
  • Consequently, the producers of the James Bond film were compelled to delay the release of For Your Eyes Only and instead decided to follow up The Spy Who Loved Me with Moonraker. This decision was made because of the circumstances stated above.
  • Almost immediately after Star Wars became the most successful film of all time, Hollywood started incorporating space into everything they made. Several films, such as Alien, Flash Gordon, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Battle Beyond the Stars, made an effort to take part in the phenomenon that is defined by the Star Wars franchise.
  • Bond was one of the many people that participated in the fun. It was the first James Bond movie to go above the norm by sending 007 into space, and Moonraker was the picture that did it. The era of the James Bond franchise that was dominated by Roger Moore became known for its absurd comic tone, but Moonraker eventually went beyond what was considered acceptable.
  • In spite of the fact that Moonraker is filled with ludicrous science fiction sequences, the one that is the most stupid is really the one that takes place on Earth.

In the film Moonraker, a pigeon is shown performing a double take when it sees James Bond riding in a gondola that is hovering above the ground.

  • From the G-force sequence to the final laser duel among the stars, James Bond experiences a number of ridiculous incidents throughout his adventure through space. These events range from the beginning to the end of the story. Moonraker, on the other hand, includes a number of hilarious moments that take place on Earth.
  • These scenes are set in the film. James Bond is thrown out of a plane in the beginning of the movie, yet he is able to survive with a fair amount of ease. The movie has a scene in which Jaws consumes the cable of a ski lift, Moore’s portrayal devolves into self-parody, and the movie is filled with clear instances of product placement.
  • The sequence in Moonraker in which a pigeon does a double take is the most ridiculous of all the scenes. These instances are not only the most weird, but they are also the most absurd.
  • During the course of his investigation into Hugo Drax, James Bond makes his way to Venice, where he engages in a pursuit that involves a gondola. Bond shows that his gondola is actually a hovercraft and drives it up over the curb onto the pavement after the pursuit has moved out of the water and onto the street.
  • This occurs after the pursuit has moved onto the street. As soon as it catches sight of this for the very first time, a pigeon does a double take. Moore’s James Bond films are notorious for their cartoonish aspect, but this specific scenario could have been appropriated from a cartoon.
  • Moore’s films are known for their cartoonish nature. The fact that Moonraker is not quite as horrible as some people claim it to be does not change the reality that it is nevertheless rather silly.

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What was the Moonraker’s method for successfully performing the double take on the Pigeon?

  • In the event that Moonraker were to be produced in the present day, the pigeon’s double take would be created through the use of a computer-generated image. Having said that, the cosmic James Bond adventure that Lewis Gilbert directed was shot in the days before computer-generated graphics, so the question arises as to how he was able to pull off such a bizarre sequence.
  • Gilbert simply shot the pigeon turning its head and then used a clever editing method to loop the clip, which gave the impression that the pigeon was performing a double take.
  • This was done in order to avoid the challenge of convincingly training a pigeon to perform a double take, which is something that even some human actors find difficult to achieve with their performances. It is possible to observe a Tusken Raider in Star Wars swinging his gaffi stick, which is an example of the same strategy.

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