Josh Giddey’s ‘Big Week’ Is Being Noticed By OKC Thunder

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Josh Giddey’s ‘Big Week’ Is Being Noticed By OKC Thunder:  Mark Daigneault has stated that Josh Giddey has had a “big week” for Oklahoma City, and the effect that he has made is evident for his teammates.

Despite the fact that their single setback came against the Los Angeles Lakers on the second night of a back-to-back, the Oklahoma City Thunder have put up an incredible 3-1 record this week. Loss to the Lakers was the only one they suffered.

Consequently, the Thunder have improved their record to 44-19, which is sufficient to earn them the top spot in the Western Conference. This represents a significant improvement. An improvement in production from Josh Giddey has been seen by the Thunder throughout the course of the week, and they are taking notice of this development.

It is without a doubt true that Josh Giddey has been competing at an extremely high level, and he has had an outstanding week. His floor game has been quite balanced, and it is evident that he is playing with a great deal of aggressiveness and confidence… He has been playing with a lot of confidence.After the Thunder’s victory over Miami on Friday, the bench manager, Mark Daigneault, claimed that “he is having a small breakthrough right now with the way he is playing.” Daigneault made this statement after the Thunder’s victory.

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Josh Giddey’s ‘Big Week’ Is Being Noticed By OKC Thunder

  • “He has had an up-and-down season, which is normal for any professional, especially one that is 21 years old and in their third year,” Daigneault added by stating.
  • “He has had highs and lows throughout the season.”
  • I believe that some of the pop that you are currently experiencing is a result of some of the challenges or plateaus that he has had to overcome.

Additionally, Giddey’s teammate Jalen Williams has taken note of the exceptional week that the third-year guard has had.

I believe that other teams have been guarding him in the same manner, which means that he is receiving a consistent diet of what he wants to accomplish. Williams recently stated that his productivity is going to continue to increase because he is continuing to put in the effort that he is doing behind closed doors.

When you combine that with his confidence as a player, his output is going to continue to increase. “I believe that he is simply comprehending what the team requires and how he can be effective with the various looks that teams will throw at him,” I said.

Josh Giddey's 'Big Week' Is Being Noticed By OKC Thunder
Josh Giddey’s ‘Big Week’ Is Being Noticed By OKC Thunder


Additionally, I believe that he is simply shooting with more confidence, playing with more confidence, and he is not struggling with any hesitation.

The fact that he is a genuinely good player means that when he is able to achieve what he has been able to do, it makes it difficult for all of us to provide enough defence.

The player who was selected sixth overall has scored in double figures in each of the last four games, and he has accomplished this record in eight of the last ten games. As a result of his improved defensive efficiency and involvement, he has been able to raise his own production while also making the Thunder more difficult to tackle.

In the victory over Miami, Giddey recorded 11 points, nine rebounds, and six assists while only committing one turnover. Additionally, he shot 55 percent from the field.

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