SI:AM | The Biggest Comeback of LeBron’s Career

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SI:AM | The Biggest Comeback of LeBron’s Career: Even though he is 39 years old, LeBron James is still capable of putting the team on his back and bringing about a remarkable comeback on his own.

Last night, James and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated their rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers, by overcoming a 21-point deficit in the fourth quarter. James scored more points than the entire Clippers team combined.

LeBron James finished the game with 19 points, four assists, two rebounds, and seven of twelve points from the field, including five of eight from beyond the arc. Only 16 points were scored by the Clippers, with Kawhi Leonard leading the way with six points.

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  • At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Clippers scored the first basket to build a 98–77 lead over the Lakers. However, the Lakers then began their comeback. With 7 minutes and 33 seconds remaining in the game, the Lakers went on a run that brought their deficit down to five points.
  • A few minutes later, the Lakers went on a run that was 12–0 and never looked back, allowing them to maintain their lead and win the game by a score of 116–112 points.
  • This period of the Lakers and Clippers rivalry has come to an end, and what a way to do it! As the Clippers prepare to relocate into their own arena for the upcoming season, this game marked the final time that the two teams would face each other.

SI:AM | The Biggest Comeback of LeBron’s Career

James led the charge for the comeback. On the final quarter, he was responsible for either scoring or assisting on 30 of the team’s 39 points. It is a wonderful experience to see the highlights. For every conceivable reason, he was successful.

In addition to making pull-up threes, driving to the basket, fighting for offensive rebounds, and hitting a deep catch-and-shoot three from 29 feet, he also made a deep three-point shot.

  • The play that stands out to me the most during the comeback is the one in which LeBron James assists D’Angelo Russell in making a clutch three-point shot with around one minute remaining on the clock. When the Lakers were leading 111–108, the Clippers were in desperate need of a stop.
  • They attempted to double James late in the shot clock, but he leapt into the air and threw an overhead pass to Russell, who was open in the corner of the court. A flawless pass was executed.
  • Russell received the blow exactly where he needed to put his hands in order to get the shot up correctly.
  • Daniel Theis did an excellent job of closing out on Russell in order to challenge the shot; but, Russell was able to get the shot off in the blink of an eye because LeBron James placed the ball precisely where it needed to be.
  • As a result of him burying it, the Clippers were forced to take a timeout.

Additionally, LeBron made a play that was even more significant. With 9.3 seconds remaining on the clock, the Clippers decided to put the ball in the hands of Leonard, despite the fact that the Lakers were still holding a 114–112 lead.

SI:AM | The Biggest Comeback of LeBron’s Career
SI:AM | The Biggest Comeback of LeBron’s Career


On the other hand, James played a tight defence and caused Leonard to miss the effort that would have tied the game. After that, LeBron James grabbed the rebound and then found Cam Reddish with an outlet pass, which resulted in a slam that secured the victory for the team.

James’s comeback was the most impressive of his career, and it was the most impressive comeback for the Lakers since Kobe Bryant made a buzzer-beating shot against the Memphis Grizzlies on April 4, 2003, to conclude a comeback that was 23 points long in the fourth quarter.

When asked about his clutch effort, James responded, “It’s just a zone, and you can’t really describe it.” You wish you could remain in it for the rest of your life, but once the game is over, it is evident that it is checked out. But you don’t experience anything when it’s happening. It’s almost like having a superpower,” she said.

It is fortunate for the Lakers that LeBron James, who is currently in his 20th season in the National Basketball Association, is still able to demonstrate his extraordinary abilities.

  • With the victory from yesterday night, the team’s record has improved to 32–28, which is still close to the.500 mark. This places the Lakers in ninth place in the Western Conference, which indicates that they are once again destined to compete in the play-in tournament, which is a crapshoot.
  • The game that took place last night highlighted once more that the Lakers would only be able to advance as far as LeBron James is able to lead them.

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