Masters Of The Air Episode 7’s Time Jump Thankfully Skipped Another Devastating 100th Bomb Group Mission

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Masters Of The Air Episode 7’s Time Jump Thankfully Skipped Another Devastating 100th Bomb Group Mission: In Masters of the Air episode 7, the 100th brings on a number of replacements to take over the men that have been lost in previous missions. At this point, most of the original 100th has either been killed or captured as prisoners of war.

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Masters Of The Air Episode 7’s Time Jump Thankfully Skipped Another Devastating 100th Bomb Group Mission

However, the war does not stop, and for the 100th, the missions get more and more dangerous. In the seventh episode, the 100th take on Berlin for the very first time in a mission known as Black Monday. What the episode does not show is the similar battle that happened long before it: Black Thursday.

Over the course of seven episodes, Masters of the Air has explored some of the most difficult missions and events that the 100th Bomb Group has ever encountered. However, due to a time leap in the seventh episode, the series passed over one operation in particular, and it is probably for the best that it did so.

The members of the 100th have been through a lot of terrifying and dangerous missions since the very first episode. These operations have taken place in places such as Regensberg, Munster, and most recently Berlin. The gloomy tone of the 100th is demonstrated by these tasks; however, it turns out that there are even more missions that the series is not showing players.

In the seventh episode of Masters of the Air, the 100th brings on a number of replacements to take over the roles of the soldiers who have been lost in prior missions. As of this moment, the majority of the original 100th has either been killed or taken as prisoners of war through various means.

On the other hand, the conflict continues, and the missions become increasingly hazardous as they go to the hundredth level. In the seventh episode, the 100th squadron embarks on a mission known as Black Monday, which is the very first time they have ever visited Berlin. Something that is not shown in the episode is the conflict that occurred a long time before it, which is known as Black Thursday.

The time jump episode of Masters of the Air skipped over the “Black Thursday” episode.

While the fifth episode of Masters of the Air depicts the disastrous Munster Raid that took place in October 1943, the sixth episode follows it up by portraying the arrest of Major John Egan as a prisoner of war and the impact that Munster had on Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rosenthal.

The seventh episode, however, has jumped all the way back to March 1944. The Great Escape and Black Monday are two significant occurrences that take place five months after the Munster Raid on the United States. On the other hand, this time jump entirely passes over another significant combat that the 100th fought in, which that battle was Black Thursday.

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The Munster Raid took place just a few days before to this mission, which took place on October 14, 1943.

The German forces were able to readily follow and target the Americans, despite the greatest efforts of the American armed forces. As a result, the Germans carried out an attack that was extremely well-organized and overwhelming, and they eliminated the American bombers one by one.

Approximately 600 airmen had been killed as a result of the mission, which resulted in the loss of sixty B-17s and seventeen that were damaged beyond repair by the time it was over. The United States suffered enormous casualties on that day, despite the fact that Schweinfurt was successfully bombed.

Over the course of Black Thursday, why did Masters of the Air skip over?

Black Thursday was probably not included in Masters of the Air because it is so comparable to other losses that have occurred with the 100th Bomb Group, and the series needed to keep the plot moving forward in order to avoid becoming stagnant.

Black Thursday is yet another excellent illustration of the severe hits that the 100th took during the year 1943; but, in comparison to the other lethal missions that they flew, it does not stand out as particularly noteworthy.

As an illustration, the reason that the mission of Regensberg is noteworthy is because it is destined to take place in Africa. On the other hand, the mission of Munster is noteworthy because Lieutenant Colonel Rosenthal was the only pilot to return to base, and Major John Egan was taken prisoner of war.

The inclusion of Black Thursday in the sixth episode of Masters of the Air would have undoubtedly slowed down the overall pace of the series, despite the fact that it was possible to do so. In addition to focusing on flying tasks, it was essential to ensure that the sixth episode was devoted to following up on the cast of Masters of the Air.

It was necessary for the audience to understand about the mental states of Rosenthal and Major Harry Crosby, as well as to find out what happened to Major John Egan following the Munster Raid. This is one instance in which a slower episode 6 contributed significantly more to the overall narrative than a more perilous mission such as Black Thursday would have.

“Black Thursday” was skipped by Masters of the Air, which is a good thing.

The fact that Masters of the Air skips over Black Thursday is, in the end, a positive thing because it not only kept the tale moving forward, but it also kept some sense of optimism alive.

Despite the fact that the story of the 100th Bomb Group is unquestionably a depressing one that appears to get even more depressing with each episode, the inclusion of Black Thursday would have been a superfluous addition to a story that was already depressing.

At a certain point, it is essential for the series to feature just the most significant negative occurrences for the 100th episode; otherwise, Masters of the Air would be too challenging to watch.

It would have been preferable for Masters of the Air to avoid depicting Black Thursday, despite the fact that it is a significant mission for the Eighth Air Force, which also goes by the name “Black Thursday.”

The series was able to avoid becoming overly dark, and it also made effective use of the additional time by delving into the emotional states of its characters. By doing so, the audience was able to feel more connected to the performers, and it also helped to set the stage for a finale that is sure to be intense.

Despite the fact that Black Thursday is something that should be remembered, it was a good idea to skim over it in order to maintain the entertainment value of Masters of the Air.

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