Red Bull Racing dismisses grievance against Christian Horner, suspends his accuser

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Red Bull Racing dismisses grievance against Christian Horner, suspends his accuser:-Early in February, a female employee of Formula One team Red Bull Racing complained that team head Christian Horner was acting in a rude way.

Red Bull Racing dismisses grievance against Christian Horner, suspends his accuser

The woman who charged him was kicked off the team on Thursday.

After getting the complaint early last month, Red Bull started an internal review, but they wouldn’t say what the accusations were. The probe was “a distraction” for Horner at Red Bull’s car launch on February 15.

At preseason testing in Bahrain two weeks ago, Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes team, called for openness in the probe.

“If it is done in the right way with transparency and rigor, we need to look at the outcomes and what it means for F1 and how we can learn from that,” stated Wolff.

However, Red Bull has not given any information about the investigation, such as the name of the lawyer who led it.

The team dropped the charge on February 28 and let the 50-year-old go back to his job as team principal, which he has had since 2005. The team says that the accuser has the right to appeal the ruling.

Following the day, several Formula One reporters got an unknown email with a bunch of Horner’s leaked texts. At the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend, the team principal wouldn’t say if the texts were true or not.

The woman was fired on Thursday, one week after the texts were leaked. The Guardian reported that the woman was fired “directly because of Red Bull’s investigation.”

Jos Verstappen speaks out

Yesterday at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Jos Verstappen spoke out against Horner. Max Verstappen is the father of Red Bull’s three-time World Drivers’ Champion. He said that the situation with the team leader was bad for the team and that his presence was dividing the group in a way that could make it “explode.”

Max told reporters about what his father said, “He’s not a liar, that’s for sure.”

Red Bull Racing dismisses grievance against Christian Horner, suspends his accuser

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James Vowles, Toto Wolff share how Horner investigation reflects the sport

In a February interview with Bloomberg, James Vowles, who became team principal at Williams last year, talked about how he thinks the Horner case shows how the sport works and what it’s like.

“We all have to look at each other in the mirror and make sure that we are posing the right questions internally and acting in a way that we can only be proud of, not today but in the next 10 years,” Vowles stated.

“The game itself… Think back to 20 years ago, when men were clearly in charge. If you asked me to describe a team, I would say it was mostly white men between the ages of 40 and 60. That is changing, and the only thing that is changing is the effect.

“Being in a closed group of people doesn’t bring out the best ideas.” It comes from being different.

“These claims are just claims.” They seem very mysterious, and I’m afraid I don’t understand what they mean or what has happened. I can only say that if this ever happens to us, we will do everything we can to fix it and make sure our society is open to everyone.

Wolff said similar things at summer testing two weeks ago, which Vowles also said.

“For F1 and the teams, we stand for fairness, equality, diversity, and including everyone.” Not only does it talk about it, but it lives it every day, Wolff said at the time. “It’s not just a team business.” All of F1 has to deal with it.”

Lewis Hamilton speaks out on the investigation

Lewis Hamilton, a driver for Mercedes, said that the way Red Bull is handling the Horner investigation hurts the sport’s efforts to be more diverse.

Christian Horner wife

She is better known as “Ginger Spice” from the pop group The Spice Girls. Horner has been married to Halliwell since 2015.

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