See Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine’s steamy romance in trailer for ‘The Idea of You’

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See Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine’s steamy romance in trailer for ‘The Idea of You’:-In the teaser for her new film, Anne Hathaway lives out the fantasies of every boy band fanatic.

The film “The Idea of You,” which is based on the novel of the same name that was published in 2017, stars Nicholas Galitzine opposite Hathaway. The two of them embark on a hot R-rated relationship that is largely inspired by Harry Styles, who was a celebrity in the boy band industry in the past.

See Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine’s steamy romance in trailer for ‘The Idea of You’

A forty-year-old single mother who has recently divorced her husband is the character that Hathaway portrays in the film, which is scheduled to make its debut on Amazon Prime in the month of May. They strike up an unlikely romance that is passionate but fraught with the pitfalls of life pressures, societal scrutiny, and the weight of stardom. She unexpectedly meets Galitzine’s character, the 24-year-old frontman of the world’s hottest boy band, while she is accompanying her daughter to a music festival. The two become romantically involved.

The first trailer for “The Idea of You,” which was released on Wednesday, provided viewers with a sneak peak at the chemistry that Hathaway and Galitzine share while they are working together.

At the beginning of the video, there is a scene from every boy band fan’s dream. By accident, Sole€ne (Hathaway) walks into the trailer of Hayes Campbell (Galitzine), the lead singer of the very famous band August Moon..

He falls in love with her right away, and that night he ends the show by dedicating and singing to Solène, who is standing in the crowd.Soon after, Hayes finds her at work. After a few conversations, he pulls her in for a kiss that will take your breath away, even though she says she is “too old for him.””

After a dramatic montage, a classic kiss in the rain, and a naked shot of Hayes, the trailer makes you think of a modern-day version of a classic whirlwind romance.

SoleÀne (Anne Hathaway), a mother, has to take her teenage daughter to the Coachella Music Festival after her ex-boyfriend backs out at the last minute. By chance, she meets Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), and there is an instant, obvious spark between them..

As soon as they start dating, Hayes’ fame makes things harder for them, and SoleÀne quickly learns that living in the spotlight might be more than she expected.”

See Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine's steamy romance in trailer for 'The Idea of You'

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Was ‘The Idea of You’ inspired by Harry Styles?

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