‘Significant injuries’ reported in Indiana amid tornado outbreak, police can’t confirm deaths

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‘Significant injuries’ reported in Indiana amid tornado outbreak, police can’t confirm deaths:-Several people were seriously hurt in Winchester, Indiana, on Thursday afternoon, when strong thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes hit.

There were reports of three deaths in the town in eastern Indiana, but as of Friday at 12:15 a.m. EDT, state police said they could not confirm any deaths.

‘Significant injuries’ reported in Indiana amid tornado outbreak, police can’t confirm deaths

I wish we had more information about how many people died or were seriously hurt. “A huge number of people have been hurt, but I don’t know how many,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Scott Keegan said at a news conference Thursday night. “I have no idea what those wounds are.” We don’t do it.”

A mobile home park and a Taco Bell were also destroyed, and other buildings in Randolph County, which is about 85 miles east of Indianapolis, were badly injured. Around 8:20 p.m. EDT, a funnel cloud was seen in the southwestern part of Delaware County.

Reports of three deaths came from police

Keegan said that the Indiana State Police Department was the first to report three deaths.

“There had been information shared with a lot of different people and again no one did anything nefarious here,” he stated. “What you say is different from what you know.” “They are not the same.”

Keegan said that cops will have a better idea of what’s going on on Friday, after they’ve looked at the collapsed buildings and talked to worried family members. He also told people not to work alone at the scene or take things that don’t belong to them.

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Tornado outbreak reported in region

A number of storms also did a lot of damage in southern Indiana and western Kentucky, but no one was killed there.

The Indiana Emergency Management Agency says that two tornadoes were confirmed outside of Madison, Indiana. One was in Hanover, and the other was in Switzerland County, which is about 100 miles southeast of Indianapolis. People were not hurt, but at least one house and a trailer were destroyed.

At least 50 buildings, including homes, were damaged by a tornado that hit the town of Milton in Kentucky, which is about 60 miles northeast of Louisville. This was reported by Andrew Stark, the director of emergency management for Trimble County. It was also said that trees and power lines had fallen.

Indiana Governor Holcomb offers condolences to victims

Gov. Eric Holcomb, who is going to visit the town on Friday, sent out a message to say he feels bad for everyone who was hurt.

Holcomb wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “The people of Winchester are strong and should know that the state will stand with them as we pick up the pieces and rebuild.”

Mayor Bob McCoy of Winchester, Indiana, asked people to be patient while officials figure out what everyone needs and offer help. He also said that when he and his wife heard the wind, they hid in their closet with their dog.

“That sound is new to me.” McCoy said, “I don’t want to hear that again.”

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