Takeaways from the Nets’ big win against the Philadelphia 76ers

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Takeaways from the Nets’ big win against the Philadelphia 76ers:  The victory of the Nets over the 76ers is an encouraging result that has the potential to kick off a solid stretch for the team.

After suffering a defeat at the hands of Memphis on Monday, the Brooklyn Nets were left with a sense of dissatisfaction. Following the defeat, Brooklyn put up a strong performance against the Philadelphia 76ers, which resulted in a victory by a score of 112 to 107.

The performance of the team coached by Kevin Ollie was encouraging, since it demonstrated that they were capable of defeating a strong club such as Philadelphia. The outcome was nothing short of significant for the Nets, who are still in pursuit of the Hawks, who are currently ranked ninth in the championship standings.

The victory of Brooklyn has resulted in a number of positive takeaways, which you can learn more about by clicking here:

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Takeaways from the Nets’ big win against the Philadelphia 76ers

  • Following the Nets’ defeat at the hands of Memphis, Coach Ollie urged his team to continue to fight hard. Specifically, he desired for the Nets to stand out by concentrating on the insignificant details that could play a significant role in swaying the outcome in their favor.
  • This scrappiness was evident for the entirety of the game, as Brooklyn fought for every single rebound, interception, and loose ball.
  • As a result of the Nets playing like the “hunters” that Coach KO wanted to see, players like as Dennis Smith Jr. and Dorian Finney-Smith were able to demonstrate their full potential.
  • The kind of energy that Brooklyn possesses helps to maximize its potential since it demoralizes opponents, which ultimately results in more victories.

Schroder continues to find his stride as the Nets’ playmaker

In spite of the fact that he only joined the Nets at the trade deadline, Dennis Schroder appears to be at ease with the company. Through his drives into the paint and kick-out passes, he is an exceptional playmaker who significantly contributes to the outcome of the game. On the other hand, he has the potential to be a reliable scorer, as evidenced by the fact that he scored twenty points in this game.

Dennis, who was filling in for Cameron Johnson, who had to leave the game early due to an ankle injury, turned up a remarkable performance after Johnson had been forced to leave the game early.

Takeaways from the Nets' big win against the Philadelphia 76ers
Takeaways from the Nets’ big win against the Philadelphia 76ers


Lonnie Walker IV is the perfect sixth man for Brooklyn

Off the bench, Lonnie Walker IV was a tremendous asset for Brooklyn, providing the spark that the team needed. When Johnson had to leave the game due to an injury, it was a much-needed boost for the squad, especially considering the circumstances. The 19 points he scored off the bench were all significant, and they were the ones that ultimately won the game for the Nets.

Brooklyn needs to make the most of the gifted players on the squad, particularly once everyone is back to full health. Lonnie is a regular player off the bench, and Coach Ollie is determined to capitalize on the fact that the former Miami Hurricane is experiencing a surge of performance.

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