‘This is America’: Nikki Haley backs Supreme Court ruling keeping Donald Trump on Colorado ballot

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‘This is America’: Nikki Haley backs Supreme Court ruling keeping Donald Trump on Colorado ballot:-Nikki Haley, who served as governor of South Carolina in the past, has stated that she agrees with the decision made by the Supreme Court that allows former President Donald Trump to continue to be on the ballot in Colorado despite the fact that his presidency is being challenged.

‘This is America’: Nikki Haley backs Supreme Court ruling keeping Donald Trump on Colorado ballot

“I think that was important,” the Republican presidential candidate said to a crowd that was roaring during her campaign event in the Houston region on Monday.

Our goal is to ensure that no elected official in a state or any other individual ever has the authority to decide who may and cannot be included on a ballot. In the words of Haley, “This is America.”

The highest court in the United States issued a unanimous decision that Colorado could not use an anti-insurrectionist provision in the Constitution to prevent the former president from appearing on the ballot for the state’s election in 2024. This decision was made only hours before Haley entered the stage in Spring, Texas.

A number of individuals from all throughout the United States have stated that President Trump participated in the uprising on January 6, 2021. They claim that this prevents him from holding the post of president again because of a provision of the 14th Amendment, which was brought into effect after the Civil War. This provision prohibits someone from holding office if they had previously pledged to support the Constitution but had engaged in insurrection.

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Haley gave her fans the assurance that she would defeat Donald Trump in a fair and square manner on Monday. “Look, I’ll defeat him fair and square,” she said.

After the ruling was handed down by the Supreme Court on Monday, the former president instantly expressed his approval of it, describing it as a “big win” for the nation. As a result of this verdict, efforts in Illinois, Maine, and other states to disqualify Donald Trump from the contest for the White House in 2024, during which he is seeking another term in office, have been essentially finished.

“I think the best way is just for the people to decide at the ballot box,” Haley said during a subsequent interview with CNN. She also stated that she is opposed to the “chaos” that would result from different states making different decisions.

In their opinion, which was not signed, the justices of the Supreme Court expressed their agreement with a similar reasoning, stating that congress, and not the states, should be responsible for making decisions of this nature.

The justices came to the conclusion that states have the authority to disqualify those who are currently holding or attempting to hold state office. However, according to the Constitution, states do not have the authority to implement Section 3 with regard to federal posts, including the presidency.

Even the three liberal justices on the Supreme Court, who issued a separate statement in which they condemned the verdict for providing Trump with more assistance than was possibly required, warned that Colorado’s decision would result in a “chaotic state-by-state patchwork.”


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