11 Companion Plants to Grow with Radicchio

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11 Companion Plants to Grow with Radicchio:- A cool-season produce that gives any meal a crispness is radicchio. This season, you can combine this lush green with a variety of veggies in your garden. Gardening guru Kaleigh Brillon lists every plant that works well with radicchio in the garden in this post.

There are many crispy greens in the chicory plant family that give both hot and cold meals a delightful crunch. The cabbage-like plant radicchio has striking reddish-purple and white coloration that makes it stand out on your dish. If you would like to include radicchio in your yard, it may grow alongside a lot of companion plants.

This cool-season crop is compatible with a wide range of other plants that require comparable conditions. Given ideal circumstances, it can reach considerable size, making it look labour-intensive to space it appropriately from other plants. I’ll help you figure out how to space them out in your garden and which plants go well with radicchio.

11 Companion Plants to Grow with Radicchio

1. Beets

  • Beets provide neighbours plenty. Radicchio grows well with robust roots that soften the soil. Their roots absorb nutrients differently and won’t harm each other.
  • Cut and compost beet greens if you don’t consume them. Magnesium in them helps plants thrive. Without enough magnesium, plants can stunt, so leave those leaves.

2. Carrots

  • If you produce huge, deep-rooted carrots, they loosen the soil. In a garden plot with poor soil, companion planting carrots will assist radicchio roots grow and take nutrients into the upper layers.
  • Due of their varying depths, roots don’t compete for nutrition. Carrots have deep taproots with feeders below the shallow radicchio roots. This helps you fit these plants in a compact place.

3. Cauliflower

  • Although cauliflower doesn’t help radicchio, it’s a wonderful partner because it grows similarly and won’t hurt it.
  • Cool-season crops need lots of water and sun. Both plants are thirsty, so you may need to water them more.
  • You must watch for cabbage loopers, flea beetles, aphids, and thrips on both plants. Grow sage or another pest-repellent herb nearby.

4. Cucumbers

  • Cucumbers can prolong spring chicory crops or cool late summer seedlings. To protect the radicchio from high temperatures, trellis the cucumbers to prevent suffocation and give shade.
  • Since cucumbers and radicchio love water, mature plants can shield cucumber roots and keep soil moisture as a live cover crop. These plants are good neighbours because they need the same water.

5. Dill

  • Grow dill to control aphids. Ladybugs and lacewings go crazy for dill and stay in your garden for aphids. Dill attracts pollinators and other useful insects to your yard.
  • Dill grows best in containers near crops because it enjoys dry conditions. It can be planted on the bed edge, where the soil drains easily.

6. Lettuce

  • Lettuce is another plant that lives near chicories without harming them.
  • They prefer water and spring sunlight but flee when it gets too hot.
  • Their pests include aphids and thrips. To fight aphids, use neem oil or water.
11 Companion Plants to Grow with Radicchio
11 Companion Plants to Grow with Radicchio

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7. Mustard Greens

  • Since mustard greens appreciate moisture, they pair well with radicchio. They grow only a few inches tall and wide, so they fit between the heads.
  • Mustard, like cauliflower, is in the Brassica family and can be attacked by cabbage loopers and thrips.

8. Radish

  • Radishes and chicories pair well in the soil and on the plate. You won’t have to sweat over their care because they both need cool weather, water, and sunlight.
  • Radishes trap aphids. Allow aphids to feed on radishes planted a few feet from your radicchio.
  • Radishes should be removed from your garden when they look ragged to reduce aphid populations.

9. Sage

  • Sage, which prefers dry conditions, can struggle in a bed with chicories, which need a lot of water. It deters vermin, making it a good companion. Radicchio is attractive to flea beetles, cabbage worms, cabbage moths, and cabbage loopers, but sage deters them.
  • Sage in a container near your radicchio lets you control watering. It only needs water when the top few inches of soil are dry, while radicchio needs persistent moisture.

10. Tatsoi

  • Tatsoi is a raw or cooked Asian brassica. Slugs, cabbage worms, and flea beetles like brassicas, but they don’t attack it as much. Radicchio and brassica are also liked by these pests, but the pest pressures shouldn’t be as high.
  • Tatsoi, another thirsty vegetable, makes a good radicchio companion. Give both plants water and nitrogen to satisfy everyone.

11. Tomatoes

  • Radicchio is not compatible with tomatoes and other nightshades, according to some gardeners. Tomato plants can extend your spring chicory yield if you space them properly.
  • Because they spread verticillium wilt, tomatoes are not recommended for companion plants. Radicchio is sensitive to this disease, so if one plant gets it, both may. However, using verticillium wilt-resistant tomatoes like Camelia F1, Sun Gold F1, and Early Cherry and cutting the bottom branches to avoid touching the radicchio will lessen the disease.
  • Radicchio benefits from tomatoes’ shadow in spring and summer. Chicory only thrives in full light in spring and bolts if it becomes too hot. However, giant tomato plants shadow it, keeping it cool in damp soil and extending its lifespan.

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