Best French Press Coffee Makers 2024 For Rich, Flavorful Coffee

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Best French Press Coffee Makers 2024 For Rich, Flavorful Coffee:- Some of the richest and most aromatic coffee is French press. The typical Sunday-morning coffee lets you enjoy your rituals and carefully drink your freshly brewed cup. To appreciate these moments, use a luxury French press and the best coffee grinder: the procedure and flavors will be smoother. I’m qualified to discuss the greatest French presses as a former barista. Cafetières and coffee presses come in many designs, sizes, and filter kinds.

I’ve tested the good, terrible, and beautiful of the French press market with a team of skilled product testers. Espro, Bodum, Frieling, and others were brewed and drunk. We’ve selected the top nine French press coffee makers.

Best French Press Coffee Makers 2024 For Rich, Flavourful Coffee


  • Espro makes the best French presses. The greatest of the best is here. It always makes smooth, excellent coffee. The P7 is pricey, but it’s worth it.
  • The P7 has several unique features, but I attribute much of the coffee flavors and mouth feel to the two-stage filtration mechanism and tight seal. This leaves your cup with smooth coffee rather of coffee grounds or grit.
  • I love watching coffee boil in a glass carafe, but it can break (especially if you’re clumsy like me). The P7’s stainless steel body is shatter-resistant, sturdy, and portable. Even better, it’s double-insulated, so you can be busy (or thoughtless) and never have a cold coffee carafe. Unfortunately, stainless steel isn’t transparent, but it keeps coffee warm, so it’s worth it.
  • When done, the P7 is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and retains its seal. The P7 tops our best French press coffee makers list because it has lots to enjoy and little to dislike.


  • I think the Bodum Chambord French press is the’most gorgeous’ coffee maker and should be permanently on your countertop. It’s almost too gorgeous to use.
  • This conventional design isn’t complicated. Users can easily use this. With its snug fit in a stainless steel frame, the glass carafe is less likely to break.
  • I suggest minimize because you could drop and shatter the Chambord. This thinner glass has less insulation, so if you forget about your coffee and come back to it forty minutes later, it will be iced more than warm.
  • Chambord coffee is rich and smooth. The directions require coarsely ground beans, which is crucial. These are less likely to pass through your filter and give French press’s strong, acidic flavors. I tried finer grounds and found the filters less flawless, so only use this if your grinder is consistent on coarse settings.
  • I also like that Bodum uses natural products. They ethically source glass, steel, wood, and bamboo for their gorgeous sculptures. Beautiful, makes delicious coffee, and works well.


  • The Clara French Press improves everything we love about French press coffee. Fellow’s brilliant team created a 360-degree pour spout, non-stick interior for easy cleaning, ratio aid lines, and design-forward looks. Very innovative French press.
  • The Clara’s Scandi-style is evident on the countertop’s modern, clean design. This comes with a wood accent if you’re not convinced about matte black. It doesn’t stand out, yet a closer inspection reveals its quality.
  • To eliminate measuring errors in coffee brewing, the Fellow uses delicate ratio help fill lines. You may need reading glasses to see the lines, or you can measure: 60 grams of coffee and 840 grams of water. After adding coffee, the French press top can be set at any angle. Pour smooth coffee after plunging the ultra-fine filter. This can withstand finer grinds without grittiness, so you can use a less-than-perfect grinder.
  • You can usually find your coffee warm if you forget about it. Heat Lock Double Wall Vacuum bodies are comprised of 304 18/8 insulated stainless steel to keep coffee hot after brewing. In addition, the design is drop-resistant.
  • It’s hard to fault Clara because cleaning is simple. One-piece filter with non-stick interior. I can only suggest that sometimes it’s good to see your coffee brewing, but sometimes you should simply admire the Clara to avoid compromise.


  • Nothing speaks luxury like Le Creuset. With a ten-year warranty and classic design, this coffee maker is also an heirloom.
  • The French press is traditional Le Creuset, with a gorgeous look and brilliant colors.
  • All eleven colors are eye-catching and suitable for a variety of kitchens. Choose subtle monotones or brilliant flashes of color—the world is your (coffee) oyster.
  • Non-porous and robust, the stoneware resists staining, smells, and floor knocks while looking great. Stoneware can endure 500°F, making it microwave-safe and a great insulator.
  • The French press body won’t absorb floral flavors or seasoned beans, making it ideal for switching between coffee and tea.
  • Le Creuset is very heat-resistant and fridge-safe. We had to test this cold brew coffee hypothesis because reviewers swore by it. As proven, Le Creuset French press makes a delicious cold brew. For best results, use coarsely ground beans.


  • French press buying guides favor Espro’s P3. Cheap but effective, it’s ideal for ‘everyday’ appliances.
  • In my opinion, the French press market’s look is functionally flawed. It doesn’t have curved edges like the Fellow Clara, hues like Le Creuset, or Espro’s clean stainless steel finish. However, it’s still a conventional carafe, which is more universal. Better yet, you can see your grinds brew and separate and the plunge.
  • Note that this clear carafe insulates poorly. The coffee was tepid when we returned after 30 minutes. That may disappoint chatty morning coffee drinkers.
  • Despite its 32-ounce capacity, the P3 is best for single-servings (or 24-ounce brews). We found it smoothest and velvetiest at lower capacities. We could tilt the coffee at many angles before it poured out because to the tight seal and superb filtration.
  • This can be frustrating when you’re trying to get the final drops of coffee out of your French press, but it makes grit-free coffee. Many critics relate it to pour-over coffee makers.
  • Everything is dishwasher-safe and hand-washable. It takes some strength to release the tight seal, but it’s not hard. Compared to the Espro P7, this feels cheaper.
Best French Press Coffee Makers 2024 For Rich, Flavorful Coffee
Best French Press Coffee Makers 2024 For Rich, Flavorful Coffee

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  • French press style is frequently simpler. This polished stainless steel Frieling has that ‘understated’ style our crew loves. It fits many households because it comes in 17, 23, 36, and 44 ounces.
  • Though unassuming, it makes great coffee. Expert reviewers say this is a robust, tasty brew. Many remarked this was the best French press coffee they’ve produced. Its main issue is sediment. The first cup is fantastic, but the dregs may be grainy.
  • This is double-insulated, which is great for slow coffee drinkers. You can leave this on the countertop for 30 minutes and still have warm coffee. This may be better for the price, but the Espro P7 is still better than the Bodum in insulation.
  • After caffeinating, it’s dishwasher safe. Most folks love that the plunger can put in the dishwasher assembled. If you drop it, it won’t shatter because it’s durable.


  • Our expert Courtney adores this Brim French press. This well-designed kitchen appliance makes great coffee quickly. It combines modern stainless steel with European glass carafes to create a sleek, intriguing combination.
  • The Brim’s hybrid design lets you see coffee and water levels from outside. Unlike fragile ordinary glass, borosilicate glass is less prone to break or crack with abrupt temperature fluctuations. Even with regular use, filters can get unpleasant, so the additional filter is good.
  • In our tests, this made delicious French press coffee. Bold, silky, and acidic. You’ll like that this is one of the least acidic French press cups on test if you don’t drink it. Even better, this creates a smooth, rich concentration for your family if you like cold brew.
  • The carafe is ‘dishwasher safe’ according to most French presses. However, this type is dishwasher-safe. Including filter lid and plunger. The Brim 8 Cup French Press is the easiest to clean, saving time, according to testers.
  • Despite loving the Brim, the handle is uncomfortable. It also feels cheap due to its poor insulation. If you drink coffee quickly and don’t mind sacrificing experience for good coffee, you’ll like this.


  • Stanley is known for their camping gear or 30 oz drinking cups. Stanley’s boxy style is more utilitarian than a French press faux pas since the cup became a hydration staple. They meant more than coffee when they called it the ‘Stay Hot’.
  • The Stanley’s break-proof construction keeps coffee hot for four hours. Stanley guarantees this French press for life with a lifetime warranty. All about quality. Courtney, an expert, stated “I think this French press would survive my washing and dryer. Despite not testing this notion, I’m sure it’s true”.
  • One filter means your coffee may taste gritty, but that’s the only compromise. First cup is great, but as you finish the carafe, it gets worse. The flavors of a decent French press remain. You can avoid graininess by not draining off the French press dregs, but this is wasteful.


  • Bodum Brazil makes cheap, well-designed French presses. Smooth, fragrant coffee comes from this $30 filter. It’s not the best insulator, but it’s cheap.
  • I enjoy Brazil’s trendy style. Main frame is BPA-free polycarbonate but feels quality. You rarely touch the narrow glass (clumsy coffee drinkers beware). Bodum is lightweight and tactile, making it simple to pour with one hand.
  • Although French presses are straightforward, this was simple. The only problem is that the lid must sit in a precise position, preventing plunger filter raising. You’ll adapt, but it’s Bodum Brazil-specific.
  • Brazil rarely caused problems with my single-cup coffee or carafe. Although my coffee had sediment at the bottom, it tasted fantastic and had no granules.
  • Slow-drinkers beware. Uninsulated borosililicate glass cools quickly. Five to fifteen minutes was fine, but coffee got cold beyond that. I’d take $30 for Brazil’s sacrifices. A bargain.

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