How To Make Drip Coffee At Home – Baristas Spill The Beans

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How To Make Drip Coffee At Home – Baristas Spill The Beans:- It’s crucial to know how to brew drip coffee at home because filter coffee is a national favourite. Light, delicate, freshly brewed coffee can be your daily motivation, weekend indulgence, and all in between.

As H&G’s coffee expert and former barista, I’ve spent 9 months testing the top drip coffee makers. I’ve tested well-known brands like Breville, OXO, and Technivorm to ensure each model makes a tasty single-serving and family-sized carafe. As you may guess, I’ve brewed thousands of cups of coffee.

I’ve asked baristas how even the most sensitive coffee drinkers brew filter coffee. Most folks take the same easy actions. All stressed the necessity of buying high-quality beans, a top grinder, and an excellent coffee maker. After a decent foundation, drip coffee is hard to mess up.

I compared drip coffee to pour-over to show how each works best for each person. For now, here’s everything you need to brew great drip coffee.

How To Make Drip Coffee At Home – Baristas Spill The Beans

Drip Coffee Essentials

  • Here are the things you need to make drip coffee at home: a good coffee maker; one of the best coffee grinds; and a good coffee maker. We’ve tried a lot of different things, but these three are the most important ones.


  • Most drip coffee makers are automated, so you can have filter coffee without touching it. More brewing parameters are available with more advanced machines.
  • Thankfully, most drip coffee makers have similar basics. Start with freshly ground coffee. Filter and drip coffee require medium grinds. Most grinders work well with middling grinds. For our expert recommendation, the Fellow Ode grinder (available at Walmart) is great.
  • Artisan Coffee founder Ashley Palmer-Watts says correctly ground beans are key to outstanding coffee. You want a burr grinder for a fuller, more balanced flavour.
  • Any roast works for beans. Since blonder roasts can’t be used in espresso machines, I like to utilise them for their delicate nuances.
How To Make Drip Coffee At Home – Baristas Spill The Beans
How To Make Drip Coffee At Home – Baristas Spill The Beans

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  • Knowing the basics is essential for making drip coffee at home, but if you want to make it great, here are some expert tips, tricks, and troubleshooting guidance.
  • First and foremost is your drip coffee machine. This device does all the brewing, so buy a good one. Our shopping guide for the finest drip coffee maker has several suggestions, but you can also seek for SCA accreditation.
  • It means your coffee machine satisfies rigorous brewing standards (OXO, Breville, and Technivorm are SCA-approved).
  • Make sure your beans are evenly wet, says Seattle Coffee Roasters specialist Steve Spring. ‘Some drip machines accomplish this automatically, but if yours doesn’t you might need to pre-infuse or bloom the grounds by adding a tiny amount of water and waiting (30 seconds)’
  • Most baristas I spoke with advised blooming coffee beforehand. Pre-saturating coffee grounds releases acidic CO2. It always makes a smoother, sweeter cup. Once you bloom, you’ll never stop.
  • Only make enough coffee to sip. Hot plates are great (and I use mine), but leaving coffee on one for hours can make it taste stale and sour. Steve Spring suggests ‘transferring your coffee to a heated carafe if you won’t drink it straight away’. Helps avoid burned flavours.
  • If your filter basket isn’t clean, your coffee may taste stale. Stray grounds make coffee bitter or sour. Cleaning your machine prevents scale and other dust and filth from preventing you from enjoying a good cup of filter coffee.

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