The Trendiest Kitchen Cabinet Front Styles For 2024

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The Trendiest Kitchen Cabinet Front Styles For 2024:- When remodelling, consider the current kitchen cabinet trends because cabinets are the foundation of any new kitchen. We have the inspiration you need to choose the appropriate kitchen cabinets for your house, whether you like ultra-modern, classical, or transitional styles.

Cabinets are permanent fixtures, so not every trend will suit all homes, but they are created for mass appeal. Unlike a tea towel or toaster, you can’t afford to quickly dislike your kitchen cabinets. Ideally, your cabinets will make you happy for a decade or more.

Luckily, kitchen trend forecasts are more ageless and workable than fashion catwalk predictions. You may read this in January or December, and all 10 cabinet trends are still valid.

The Trendiest Kitchen Cabinet Front Styles For 2024

Our lineup is also a wonderful place to start if you want something unique or just want to stay current so you know what your kitchen designer is talking about while planning a kitchen remodel.


  • This year, red in all its manifestations is the cabinet colour everyone is talking about. Kitchen colours are warming up from bright signal red to rich tomato red.
  • Combined with natural materials like HÁM interiors’ earthy terracotta flooring, red is a warm and vivid choice for the centre of the home.
  • HÁM interiors designer Kate Cox used Farrow & Ball’s Singed Red for the custom cabinets in this red kitchen. ‘I love how the red gives a contemporary edge and retains a joyful and youthful atmosphere,’ she says.


  • We’ve all liked rustic, utilitarian cook’s table-inspired kitchen islands, but what about formal dining table shapes? High-end interior designer Dana Wolter understood with this gorgeous island with tapering legs and subtle accents.
  • I liked the notion of curves in this area to soften the room without being fussy, adds Dana. ‘The tapering corners resemble handcrafted dining table legs, and the countertop edge profile and design are more refined.’ This new approach is more sophisticated and suits kitchen dinner parties.


  • Your grandmother undoubtedly had the orange pine Cathedral Arch door. While the fussy style won’t resurface soon, arch detailing on cabinet doors may. This time, they’re bold and thankfully not orange pine.
  • ‘A wide arch is a fantastic way to highlight the aesthetics of exquisite cabinetry,’ says Katie Glaister, creator of K&H Design, who designed this room alongside Kate Feather Kitchen Design.
  • ‘Scale and proportion are crucial, and it pays to engage a bespoke maker, like Kate Feather, to attain the high levels of craftsmanship required for perfectly pitched curves This kitchen has arching detail inlaid on rectangular doors to access all the storage, which is crucial for integrating equipment.


  • Deep, bold frame features are another door design trend that’s back. Like our beloved Georgian doors, this one has a much more prominent elevated framework.
  • ‘This sort of elaborate detailing on cabinets is becoming extremely fashionable and I particularly love to use it in bigger kitchens with high ceilings, where the decoration creates harmony by holding the weight of an expansive kitchen,’ explains interior designer Kara Childress. Dust-averse people should avoid this interior design trend!


  • Those who dislike open shelves but like its calm vibe may like the latest kitchen heart display cabinet trend.
  • Encased behind glass but visible, this concept evokes an apothecary cupboard, especially with ancient cabinets or basic pale oak units. Roundhouse’s Nightingale display cabinet anchors this renovated barn.
  • Classic yet attractive, glass-fronted kitchen cupboard storage may exhibit your best everyday cookware, glasses, and flowers.
  • Roundhouse senior designer Paul Welburn says practical display units are increasingly being placed center-stage rather than on one side or in the dining area. Glass protects everything, reducing dusting and making it easier to see what you need than covered wall cabinets.
The Trendiest Kitchen Cabinet Front Styles For 2024
The Trendiest Kitchen Cabinet Front Styles For 2024

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  • If you prefer exquisite cabinetry or want a new take on Shaker kitchens, this cabinet type is for you.
  • Nashville designer Roger Higgins created these large bevelled frame doors, which are timeless and unusual. ‘The design was influenced by traditional Shaker-style cabinets, but we added a large bevelled frame that provides a contemporary spin and depth,’ he says.
  • We utilised a full overlay, so it looks like a modern panelled wall and is less predictable and dressier than a Shaker frame. Are you in?


  • Vertical colour switches are the latest way to give kitchen cabinets a more casual, freestanding vibe. Boston interior designer Nina Farmer backs it. To break up the monotony of kitchen cabinets, I love to experiment with materials.
  • Bancha-painted Plain English larders from Farrow & Ball seem like solitary furniture. We added white oak cabinetry and a curving island to make it look bigger. An important city townhouse design tip.


  • Why choose one paint colour when you may choose three for newly painted kitchen cabinets? A tri-color split requires confidence, but the three-dimensional effect might be more appealing than flat colour.
  • Convert In her London family home, Irene Gunter painted her cabinets a subtle trio of colours. She advises starting with the main cabinet colour, which often influences the remainder of the materials.
  • Next, lighten the centre panel and panel trim to create a three-dimensional shadow effect. ‘The mix of Paint & Paper Library’s Between Dog & Wolf, Porcelain I, and Porcelain III looks studied and sophisticated,’ she says.
  • Tri-color doors with the smallest colour ratio on the panel trim in black or burgundy add more punch.


  • Arts and crafts will decorate kitchen cabinets to honour personal memories. They will soon if Samantha Todhunter says so. She recommends moulding strips in modern bobbins, egg, and dart forms to bring handmade charm to kitchen cabinetry.
  • She explains, ‘Decorative mouldings are such a beautiful finishing touch to even the simplest cabinets, and I could spend hours going at beading profile catalogues.
  • Samantha gave Shaker doors a beautiful woven Husk profile. She says, ‘It produces instant elevation and, when combined with deep black, the profiles take on a gravitas that defies the simple design purpose.


  • For greater comfort and style, use washbasin skirts, cabinet curtains, or kitchen valances instead of solid doors! Fabric adds pattern and colour, and this trend can help with compact kitchen ideas that don’t require door swing-outs for traffic flow.
  • Kaitlin McQuaide, an interior designer, thinks a washbasin skirt can provide playfulness and warmth to a kitchen. It suits most kitchen styles based on cloth and pleats. Pick your cloth wisely. Use high-performance or washable kitchen items.

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