How To Spring Clean Your House In One Day – 6 Time-saving Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

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How To Spring Clean Your House In One Day – 6 Time-saving Tips And Mistakes To Avoid:- If you don’t enjoy spring cleaning, you might decide to take off the bandage and do it all in one day. It would be a lot of work to do all of your spring cleaning at once, but it is possible if you plan ahead, set priorities, and remember why you’re doing it in the first place.

Professional housekeepers told us how to spring clean your house in one day. They shared their tried-and-true cleaning methods as well as some mistakes that people often make that take a lot of time to fix. The beginning of spring is a great time to get rid of the cobwebs and make our homes look better for the new season. A deep cleaning is one of the best ways to do this without spending any money, and it also makes our homes healthy and cleaner.

How To Spring Clean Your House In One Day – 6 Time-saving Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

Clean up your house in one day for spring

In order to clean really well, get help, move small children out of the way, put on a motivating mix, and write down these tips from professionals. If you really need to get things done quickly, remember that a three-day spring cleaning rush is also a great choice. With cleaning tools ready to go.


  • Make a plan so you can move on after finishing one activity to clean swiftly. As the most labor-intensive rooms, the kitchen and bathroom should be on your spring cleaning checklist. If you secretly adore cleaning, do it last when you’re ready to stop.
  • ‘Decide on the rooms you are planning to clean and then split it down into portions,’ advises Alpine Maids owner Chris Willatt. Starting with laundry, the dishwasher and spraying down all bathroom surfaces before dusting and taking out the trash saves time.
  • Plan the day, including what you want to tidy before lunchtime and an afternoon objective. Bring food, go outside for lunch, and prepare a treat for the evening.


  • Set a timer for an hour and ‘hire yourself’ to clean (cash always motivates us), or break cleaning into 25-minute spurts with lots of breaks to rest and rehydrate. We propose cleaning in portions using a timer.
  • Maid For You CEO Delah Gomasi advises cleaners to set a Pomodoro timer since 25-minute chunks are the most effective way to clean.
  • Work for 25 minutes, relax for 5 minutes, then clean again. Since we know a break is coming, a timer helps us spring clean without being overwhelmed.


  • Clear surfaces as much as possible to focus on cleaning; mounds of debris can be addressed later.
  • Spring cleaning involves sanitising and eliminating filth, dust, and debris, not decluttering.
  • When spring cleaning the bedroom, you might strip the bed and place any loose items on it before dusting and cleaning mirrors, surfaces, and floors.
  • Jason James, owner of organic cleaning firm Dusptan & Brush, advises clearing the visual noise by removing knick knacks, benchtop equipment, and floor debris and storing them away from your work area.
  • This is the most crucial initial step, creating a canvas for cleaning to be visualised and done.’
  • My spring cleaning included one hour of detailed floor cleaning. To clear the floor, I piled items on my bed, couch, and desk first.
  • My vacuum cleaner worked better on pretreated floors and baseboards. I pushed furniture away from walls to reach hidden corners.
How To Spring Clean Your House In One Day – 6 Time-saving Tips And Mistakes To Avoid
How To Spring Clean Your House In One Day – 6 Time-saving Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

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  • It’s apparent, but easy to forget while cleaning quickly: go top-down and go left to right or right to left to prevent accidentally cleaning the same spot again.
  • Interior designer and professional organiser Nicole Cullum dusts ceiling fans and window curtains first. I prefer to hoover and mop after finishing my surfaces. Nicole explains that her countertops and higher levels have been scrubbed and dusted, so her flooring will be spotless.
  • Wipe down mirrors, counters, and furnishings before scrubbing the tub, shower, sinks, and toilets, as Nicole advises. Remember high-touch areas like door handles, light switches, and appliances.


Spring cleaning involves doing the chores we avoid because they’re harder. Pick a couple from this list based on need:

  • To welcome spring, clean windows and soft furnishings, focusing on curtains and throw cushions.
  • Clean the couch—it probably needs it.
  • Easter partying requires oven cleaning.
  • Keep mattresses clean to prolong life.
  • Clean the washer to keep it running smoothly.


  • For a flawless finish, pay attention to details. Check all rooms with a handful of microfibers and a 1:5 vinegar-to-water spray bottle.
  • Cleaning expert Jason James recommends shining taps, shower glass, taps, hob and oven doors.
  • ‘Spray and polish them, and you’ll have your masterpiece.’


Q1. What are the most common spring cleaning mistakes?

  • Alpine Maids owner Chris Willat says we typically forget to clean baseboards, even though Amazon dryer sheets will easily clear these spring-cleaning dirt spots.
  • Dust and debris can be removed off baseboards with a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets cause a static reaction with dust, so when you wipe them off, dust and debris stick to the sheet instead of clumping at the baseboard. Walmart sells affordable long-handled microfibre dusters that can clean walls and ceilings, making life easier.
  • Top of entrances and bottom of stairway poles commonly go uncleaned, especially where they join at the bottom of the handrail.

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